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Category Management

Category Management

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Category Management

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  1. U.S. General Services Administration Category Management Stephen Bartley

  2. Acting As One • Acting As One video

  3. What is Category Management? Category Management Defined Category management is a business model the Federal government is applying to buy smarter and more like a single enterprise.  It involves: • Identifying core areas of spend • Collectively developing heightened levels of expertise • Leveraging shared best practices, and • Providing acquisition, supply and demand management solutions.  Category management enables us to eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency, and deliver more value and savings from the government’s acquisition programs.

  4. Why Category Management? • In FY 2014, the federal government spent over $428 billion in purchases, which accounted for about 20 percent of the entire Federal budget. • This was done through 500+ separate federal departments and agencies. Case-in-Point: One Federal Government Contractor $2.7 billion Very Limited Total FY 2014 Spend Government-Wide Spend Visibility

  5. Category Management Governance Structure Category Manager Category X Category Team Administrator of OFPP Category Manager Category Y Chair Chair Category Managers Commodity Team Agency A Rep Agency A Rep Agency E Rep Agency E Rep The SSLC is the governing board for Category Management initiatives. Provides government-wide direction on CM strategy and initiatives. Category Managers are experts in the category (e.g., Information Technology). They develop the government-wide strategy to drive improved performance and act as change agents for the category. Category Leads are responsible for the development and execution of category strategies for a specific category (e.g., IT software within the IT category). Commodity Teams are traditional strategic sourcing working group formed when the category management process identifies the need for a new acquisition solution. Category Leads Commodity Teams SSLC Agency D Rep Agency D Rep Agency B Rep Agency B Rep Agency C Rep Agency C Rep PMO Common Acquisition Platform Develops and executes the IT strategy to support category management business strategy via the Acquisition Gateway. Provides overall program management support to the groups and individuals in the governance structure; facilitates the development and implementation of business rules and processes.

  6. Government-Wide Category Structure (total FY 2014 spend $428B) General Government Categories 1-10 (total FY 2014 spend $275B) Defense- Centric Categories 11-19 (total FY 2014 spend $153B) Note: Spend figures are based on FY14 FPDS data.

  7. Hallway Overview • Tour the Hallway • Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals Hallway • Questions • Wrap Up