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United States

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United States

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United States

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  1. United States

  2. A Few Questions: What is the country to the NORTH? Canada What is the country to the SOUTH? Mexico What is the ocean to the WEST? Pacific What is the ocean to the EAST? Atlantic How many states are there? 50 What state is the farthest north? Alaska (Maine) What state is the farthest south? Hawaii (Florida, then Texas) What state is the farthest east? Maine What state is the farthest west? Hawaii (Oregon)

  3. Northeast

  4. What’s Unique about the northeast?

  5. It’s where the Europeans first settled

  6. It was the setting of the Revolutionary War

  7. It’s the home of nation’s Capital

  8. It has bitterly cold winters

  9. What states are included?

  10. Connecticut • First to write a constitution • Suggested having a House and a Senate, a compromise that led the other states to agree to the national constitution • Hartford is the insurance capital of the world

  11. Delaware • First state (first to ratify the constitution) • Second smallest • Known for its chemical plants

  12. Maine • Largest of the Northeastern states • Lobster is world famous • Has the Northeast’s only national park (Acadia)

  13. Maryland • Gave land to be the nation’s capital • Francis Scott Key was from Maryland and composed the national anthem during a battle in Baltimore Harbor • Had first telegraph message • Only 2 miles wide at its narrowest point • Famous for clams, crabs, and the U.S. Naval Academy

  14. Massachusetts • Points of interest: Plymouth Rock, Walden Pond, Martha’s Vineyard • Harvard University is located in Cambridge—oldest university in the U.S. • One of the nation’s largest cranberry producers

  15. New Hampshire • 9th state to ratify the constitution, putting it into effect • People go there to visit the many ski resorts • Big Christmas tree industry

  16. New Jersey • Called Garden State because of its good farmland • Place of George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware River • Atlantic City is a popular tourist destination

  17. Pennsylvania • Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both signed in Independence Hall (Philadelphia) • Home of the Liberty Bell and Gettysburg • Home of the Hershey chocolate factory • Nation’s largest steel industry

  18. Rhode Island • Smallest state • Many textile mills (cloth)

  19. Vermont • Once part of New York and New Hampshire until it declared itself a republic and eventually joined the Union as a state • Big granite and maple syrup industries

  20. (Washington, D.C.) • District of Columbia • U.S. Capital • NOT A STATE, it is an independent district • Houses the government buildings (White House, Capitol, Supreme Court, FBI • Smithsonian museum (first telephone, Wright brothers’ airplane, Star-Spangled Banner flag) • National Archives (Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights) • Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial

  21. The South

  22. What’s Unique about the South?

  23. Tried to break free from the North, starting the Civil War

  24. Wanted to preserve rights of individual states

  25. Hold tight to traditional values and customs

  26. Welcoming of all— “Southern Hospitality”

  27. Struggling to overcome racism

  28. What States are Included?

  29. Alabama • First Confederate capital was Montgomery • Main focus of civil rights movement • Huntsville was chosen by NASA to develop Apollo to send to moon

  30. Arkansas • largest producer of chickens • nation’s best diamond field • first Wal-mart was built in Rogers

  31. Florida • Spanish colony: St. Augustine is oldest European-settled city in the U.S. (1565) • retirement and vacation spot • Oranges and other citrus • largest U.S. sugar cane producer • Disney World, Sea World • space shuttle launches • Everglades—1.5 million-acre marshes • Keys are islands connected by bridges and that have coral reefs

  32. Georgia • Martin Luther King, Jr. • peanuts and pecans • birthplace of Coca-Cola

  33. Kentucky • Supported both sides in Civil War • third in the nation’s coal production • The rocky mountainous terrainhas the world’s largest cave (Mammoth Cave) • breeds more thoroughbred horses than any other (has Kentucky Derby race)

  34. Louisiana • The swamplands lead the nation in fish, shrimp and oysters • French-speaking regions (people are known as Cajuns) • Some regions eat alligator • Leading salt producer • New Orleans: • French Quarter has a lot of French and Spanish influence still • celebrate Mardi Gras • has nation’s busiest port (200,000,000 tons of goods shipped yearly)

  35. Mississippi • important Northern victory at Vicksburg during Civil War • cotton grown in flood plains of Mississippi River • manmade ponds produce the most catfish in the nation • one of poorest states

  36. North Carolina • gave most soldiers to confederate army • location of first flightby the Wright brothers • Produces a lot of wooden furniture

  37. Oklahoma • where Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek and Seminoles were forcibly relocated too • more Native Americans now than any other state • Great Plains grow grain • most of world’s helium comes from natural gas fields here and in Texas and Kansas • panhandle couldn’t be claimed by Texas and Kansas’ border was already set so it became hideout for outlaws until joining OK

  38. South Carolina • First state to secedefrom the north • first shots of Civil War at Fort Sumter • Grows peaches

  39. Tennessee • many of the Civil War battles were fought here • zinc and copper mines • Gatlinburg is largest tourist town in U.S. • Great Smoky Mountains—named for the clouds always over them

  40. Texas • After independence from Mexico it was an independent republic • Houston leads nation in imports • Cotton, oil fields, leader in the nation’s beef • Alamo—Spanish mission where brave defenders gave other Texans time to form forces against Mexico • Dallas Airport is world’s second busiest

  41. Virginia • Birthplace of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison • first to join the Confederacy and Richmond was the Confederate capital • colonial Williamsburg

  42. West Virginia • Originally part of Virginia but broke free when Virginia seceded • very mountainous • produce most of nation’s glass marbles • good coal mines

  43. The Midwest

  44. What’s Unique about the Midwest?

  45. Originally THE West, before the Pacific Regions were settled

  46. “Breadbasket” of the nation, providing almost half of crops and dairy

  47. Settled by regular everyday American families who wanted to move west

  48. Allowed all citizens to have rights, unlike the eastern states which gave more rights to wealthy land owners

  49. Great Lakes: five, make up largest body of freshwater in the world