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Unwind By Neal Shusterman

Unwind By Neal Shusterman. Haley Lemberg, Amanda George, Jenna Woodrow. SETTING. Connor’s House and Neighborhood. s.

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Unwind By Neal Shusterman

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  1. Unwind By Neal Shusterman Haley Lemberg, Amanda George, Jenna Woodrow


  3. Connor’s House and Neighborhood s • The book starts out here. Connor finds his Unwind forms and decides to run away. Connor and Arianna talk on the freeway overpass bridge by his house. Later Connor tries to run away with Arianna, but she decides not to go with him.

  4. s Semi-Truck • The night Connor runs away he gets a ride from a truck driver named Josias Aldridge. Connor tries to spend a night there but he left his cell phone on. The police handcuffed Josias and told Connor to come out. Connor escaped into the woods with Risa and a hostage, named Lev, causing huge traffic jams.

  5. Ohio State Home 23 s • This is where Risa lived until she was told she was going to be unwound. Later that day she went on a bus to be sent to a harvest camp. Connor ran in front of the bus causing the driver’s death which let Risa escape with Connor. This picture is when Connor runs in front of the bus with Lev as his hostage. The bus hits a tree and Risa comes off the bus and runs away with them.

  6. s Lev’s Party • Lev was a tithe and he always knew he would be unwound. On his 13th birthday his parents threw him a party to celebrate his last day whole. After the party his parents and Pastor Dan were driving him to a harvest camp when he was kidnapped by Connor. This picture is at Lev’s party when they lift him up in a chair.

  7. s Happy Jack This shirt represents what the staff at Happy Jack wear. • A harvest camp in Arizona • Connor, Risa, Roland, and Lev stay there • Roland gets unwound here • Colorful • Staff members wore Hawaiian shirts. • When Mai and Blaine explode mobs form and many kids escape, Connor and Risa were severely injured in the explosion This bomb is when Mai and Blaine blew up most of Happy Jack.

  8. Characters

  9. C Connor • Main Character • Strong and Tall • 16 years old • Brown eyes • No tattoos • Pale skin • Antagonist • Has a “bad boy” attitude because he gets in fights at school and skips school a lot. This picture is what we thought Connor looked like. He is one of the main characters.

  10. c Risa • 15 years old • Has lived in a state home her whole life • Long, brown, wavy hair • Plays piano • Main character • Antagonist This is what we thought Risa looked like. She is a main character.

  11. c Lev • Full name is Levi Jedediah Calder • Main character • Tithe • Religious • 13 years old This is what we thought Lev looks like. He is also a main character.

  12. c Roland • Bully • Was in Sonia’s safe house then to the graveyard • To him Connor is a threat • Likes to be in charge • Strong • Has a shark tattoo We thought Roland would look like this. He is tough and has a shark tattoo.

  13. c Mai • Goth • In Sonia’s safe house then to the graveyard • Wears black and leather • Has a black spiked necklace • Falls in love with Vincent who suffocates in a crate being taken to the graveyard This is how we thought Mai would look, just not a cartoon.

  14. Figurative language

  15. Imagery • “Her eyes are sweet violet with streaks of grey” (p. 1). • “Third, the grounds are as well maintained as a resort, filled with bright pastel colors and as little red as possible…” (p. 265). • “Nestled on a pine-cupboard ridge in northern Arizona, the sedating forest views give way to the breathtaking red mountains of Sedona to the west” (p. 265). • “The boys’ dormitory is painted light blue, with green accents. The girls’ is lavender, with pink” (p. 265).

  16. Foreshadowing Foreshadowing is when an author gives you hints to what is going to happen next • “… They’re expecting you to do something about him-and Roland knows it”(p. 147). • “ A kid like Roland doesn’t want to fight you. He wants to kill you”(p. 147).

  17. Simile • “Three adults sitting in judgment, like the three monkeys: hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil” (p. 21).

  18. Metaphor • “An old woman as hunched as a question mark…” (p. 91).

  19. Alliteration • “Please-please-pretty-please?”(p. 55)

  20. Personification • “The way the truck sways, their backs are constantly smacked against the wall behind them”(p. 114). • “The ice cream truck bounces along the uneven streets” (p. 114).

  21. Onomatopoeia A word that describes a sound or action. • “Blink, Blink” (p. 291). • “Applause” (p. 308). • “Clapping” (p.308).

  22. Plot

  23. P Rising Action • The rising action is when they take the Admiral to the hospital in a helicopter. When they are waiting to hear about the Admiral, Roland turns himself, Risa, and Connor. (p. 254-261)

  24. P Climax • When Roland and Connor get in a fight then Roland is taken into the Chop Shop and unwound. (p. 277-294)

  25. P Falling Action • When Connor is taken into the Chop Shop and Blaine and Mai explode leading Connor to escape from unwinding and many others injured or trying to escape. (p.302-313)

  26. Man v. Man C • An example of man v. man is when Connor shoots the Juvey-Cop to get away from him. • When Connor and Roland get in a fight at the Chop Shop

  27. Man v. Nature C • All of the unwinds in the graveyard have to deal with extreme heat in the desert

  28. Man v. Society C • All of the runaway unwinds are against society because of the unwind laws

  29. Man v. Self C • When Lev decides not to turn himself in at the high school • When Roland turns in Risa and Connor knowing he would turn himself in too

  30. Man v. Fate C • Lev knowing his fate to be unwound his whole life • Being a tithe and having to deal with knowing you will be unwound

  31. Resolution R • Connor is rescued by Lev when the Chop Shop explodes and is taken to a hospital. At the hospital he takes a fake identity of a 19 year old whose ID was charred in the explosion. Risa is on the roof during the explosion and is paralyzed from the waist down.(p. 317-319) This wheelchair represents that Risa is paralyzed.

  32. Theme T • The theme for this book is action/adventure. It’s action/adventure because Connor, Risa, Lev and many other unwinds are running away trying to escape from being unwound. When they are running there are many different types of action like; the high school, the warehouse, the ice cream truck, the graveyard, and Happy Jack harvest camp. “Running away is the only way to save my life” (p. 9). This picture represents that Connor, Lev and Risa are running away.

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