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Early Explorers and Map Skills

Early Explorers and Map Skills. SOL 3.3 and 3.5. Robin Powell Mecklenburg County. This lesson is designed to reinforce: Virginia SOL 3.3 and 3.5 The student will develop map skills and study the exploration of America. In order to meet these standards, students should be able to:

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Early Explorers and Map Skills

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  1. Early Explorers and Map Skills SOL 3.3 and 3.5 Robin Powell Mecklenburg County

  2. This lesson is designed to reinforce: Virginia SOL 3.3 and 3.5The student will develop map skills and study the exploration of America. • In order to meet these standards, students should be able to: • Position and label the seven continents and the four oceans to create a world map • Use the equator and the prime meridian to identify the four hemispheres • Locate the countries of Spain, England, and France • Identify reasons for exploring, the information gained, and the results from the travel • Describe the accomplishments of Christopher Columbus, Juan Ponce de Leon, Jacque Cartier, and Christopher Newport • Locate the regions in the Americas explored by Columbus (San Salvador in the Bahamas), Juan Ponce de Leon (near St. Augustine, Florida), Jacques Cartier (near Quebec, Canada), and Christopher Newport (Jamestown, Virginia)

  3. Let's review maps!


  5. Can you name the four oceans? Arctic Ocean AtlanticOcean Indian Ocean Pacific Ocean

  6. Map Quiz Number your paper from 1 to 11. Match the name of the ocean or continent with the number and write it on your paper. Use the word bank below. 11 Word Bank Africa Antarctica Arctic Ocean Asia Atlantic Ocean Australia Europe Indian Ocean North America Pacific Ocean South America 3 4 1 8 5 2 10 9 6 7

  7. We live on the continent of North America. Can you name the countries on our continent? North America

  8. Canada United States Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Mexico

  9. The Countries of Europe England England France France Italy Italy Spain Spain

  10. Who sailed the ocean blue in 1492?

  11. Christopher Columbus In 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the Indies. He had spent much time trying to convince King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to pay for the ships that would have him bringing them all of the finest riches in India. This would be a difficult journey because Columbus would have to sail west to reach the Indies in the east. The King and Queen finally agreed and gave Columbus three ships, the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. After a difficult voyage, Columbus and his three ships landed. Believing he had landed in India he named the native people there Indians. Columbus actually landed on an island south of North America, known as San Salvador. This “mistake” in which he discovered the Americas opened the doors to future European exploration.

  12. Christopher Columbus' Journey Spain San Salvador

  13. Juan Ponce de Leon • Ponce de Leon sailed for Spain • He went looking for the Fountain of Youth • He was the first European to land on the peninsula of Florida • Ponce de Leon explored the area that later became St. Augustine, the first Spanish settlement in the New World

  14. Ponce de Leon’s Journey Spain Florida

  15. Cartier sailed for France. He was looking for the Northwest passage to the Indies. He explored the St. Lawrence River in Canada, near what later became Quebec. Jacques Cartier

  16. Jacques Cartier’s Voyage St. Lawrence River France

  17. Christopher Newport Christopher Newport sailed for England. He was sent by the Virginia Company to establish a colony in the New World. Newport sailed with colonists and supplies on three ships: the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. They landed in the New World in 1607 and named the new settlement Jamestown, after King James of England. Jamestown was the first successful English settlement. It is located on the James River in what is now Virginia.

  18. Christopher Newport's Voyage England Jamestown

  19. Christopher Columbus Juan Ponce de Leon Jacques Cartier Christopher Newport Spain England France San Salvador St. Augustine Quebec Jamestown ReviewWho were the explorers we studied?Where did they come from?What were their accomplishments?

  20. Number your paper from 1 to 4. Match the explorer with the accomplishment. Write the explorer’s name on the line beside the number. 2 3 4 1

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