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Volvo and Mobility

Volvo and Mobility. Dan Werbin Director Volvo Cars North America. Volvo For Life. Volvo’s Guiding Principles. Enjoy. Life. Long. Life. Protect. Life. Safety & Environment. Dynamic Products. Quality & Longevity. Volvo Mobility Project Overview. 1998 - 1999. Mobility 2010 (2000).

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Volvo and Mobility

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  1. Volvo and Mobility Dan Werbin Director Volvo Cars North America

  2. Volvo For Life Volvo’s Guiding Principles Enjoy Life Long Life Protect Life Safety & Environment Dynamic Products Quality & Longevity

  3. Volvo Mobility Project Overview 1998 - 1999 Mobility 2010 (2000) 2000 – 2001 Tandem Concept Future Outlook • Demographics • Technology • Society • Trust • Personalisation • “I Decide” • Flexibility • Simplicity Advanced Engineering • Platform Flexibility • Low Entry Ticket • Low Volume

  4. Sustainable Mobility Definition: The ability to meet the needs of society to move freely, gain access, communicate, trade and establish relationships without sacrificing other essential human or ecologicalvalues today or in the future

  5. Objectives 2005 Near Future 2030 WBCSD Sustainable Mobility Study • Effective rate of technological change is closely related to the lifetime of the product • Automobile: 12 - 20 years • Infrastructure: 25+ years

  6. Future Mobility Objectives Reduce conventional emissions from transport Reduce GHG emissions from transport to sustainable levels Reduce the number of transport-related deaths and injuries Reduce transport-related noise Mitigate traffic congestion Narrow mobility divides between the rich and the poor Improve mobility opportunities in developing societies

  7. Vehicles in China (millions) China’s Challenge – Growth & Mobility

  8. Mass Transit - Personal Mobility Challenge of the last mile Individual Destinations Parking at stations Convenience Land use Need Personal Mobility Innovations

  9. Personal Mobility Options Electric Drive Alternative Fuel Diesel Petrol Li-ion Batteries Biogas Common Rail PZEV Hybrid Technology Fuel Cells Hydrogen Optimized Capacity Reduced Environmental Impact Maximum Total Efficiency Minimum Environmental Impact

  10. Optimized Capacity “Don’t use more car than you need” Opportunities in household-fleet or “virtual fleet”

  11. Tandem Highway Scenario

  12. 2004 Bren School Roundtable

  13. Approach to Maximum Efficiency • Minimal Size and Weight • Efficient use of materials • Improved power to weight & handling • New safety innovation needed Ride-Down Safety System

  14. 3-Seat Layout Intermediate step to Tandem that that offers • Versatility • Aerodynamics • Emotional Styling

  15. Volvo 3CC • Holistic balance of form and function • Safety • Aerodynamics • Materials • Aesthetics • Surprise and Delight • Pride of Ownership (Jewel-like qualities) 3CC pic

  16. 3CC F3Q

  17. 3CC Open Door

  18. 3CC Hi R3Q

  19. Competition Challenge Bibendum • Launched 1998 • Premier event for promoting sustainable road mobility • Emissions • Efficiency • Enjoyment • Safety • Technologies • Partnerships

  20. Challenge Bibendum 5Sonoma 2003 Differing priorities, differing solutions Biogas Bi-Fuel PZEV

  21. Challenge Bibendum 6Shanghai 2004

  22. Tongji University, Shanghai

  23. Challenge Bibendum Lessons • Broad spectrum of alternatives • Regional choices with global impact • US: “Technology will save the day” • EU: “Everybody has a role to play” • “BRICK” nations raising need for action • Personal Mobility • Freedom and privacy • Emotional appeal is important

  24. Common Good Private Good Willingness to Pay(Consumer Behavior) Emissions Resource Consumption Wellbeing of others Congestion… Design Performance Interior environment Sound system, etc Innovation and awareness needed to combine both

  25. Summary • Sustainability has many dimensions • Complex story to convey • Alternatives must be demonstrated • Technology alone is not enough • Consumer awareness and behavior must be addressed

  26. Conclusion • Academic institutions like the Bren School are key to public / private sustainability partnerships

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