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Major Buddhist Festivals PowerPoint Presentation
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Major Buddhist Festivals

Major Buddhist Festivals

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Major Buddhist Festivals

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  1. MajorBuddhist Festivals

  2. Celebrating Life with Buddhism Buddhism is a very beautiful religion that has its main focus on the life of its master - Gautama Buddha Most Buddhist festivals revolve around the life events of Buddha, and have a deep connection with how he was ‘enlightened’ Buddha is believed to be enlightened around 2,500 years ago, and all the major traditions and festivals came into existence ever since then

  3. Buddha Purnima Celebrated on the full moon day of the Vaisakhmonth It is the day when Prince Siddhartha was born Also celebrated as the day when the Prince attained enlightenment and was known as Buddha Essentially, in one day people celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and passing away of Buddha This festival is great gusto all over India

  4. Hemis Festival Celebrated at the Hemis Monastery in Ladakh It is celebrated in the honour of Guru Rimpoche, who is considered to be a reincarnation of the Buddha himself Guru Rimpoche holds the credit of the spread of Buddhism in Tibet and dedicated his life for the betterment of mankind The Cham Dance is performed by the monks, which is a sacred form of dance and song that adds a mystic touch to the festival The festival brings together people from around the world, who come to witness the colourful celebrations around this festival If you want to attend this, you should book a Ladakh tour packages soon

  5. Asalha Puja Day Celebrated on the full moon day of the eighth lunar month It commemorates the day when Buddha gave his first teachings to a group of five ascetics It also marks the beginning of the rain retreat or the starting of the monsoon months Buddha spoke about the essence of his learnings, the turning of the wheel of Dhamma It was here that the senior ascetic attained the first level of enlightenment

  6. Sangha Day It takes place on the full moon day of the third lunar month Marks an important event that takes place early in Buddha’s teaching life 1250 enlightened saints, also known as Arahats, gathered without intimation to pay respect to Buddha The day is remembered for the speech that Buddha delivered to them On this day, devotees visit Buddhist shrines and participate in religious discussions Travellers from across the globe attend this festival. Book your Thailand tour packages so that you do not miss out on this