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Mrs. Frisby Essay Slides PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Frisby Essay Slides

Mrs. Frisby Essay Slides

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Mrs. Frisby Essay Slides

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  1. Mrs. Frisby Essay Slides

  2. MF Theme Essay Schedule • Monday: Review the Paragraph Equation; write body paragraph 1 • Tuesday: Discuss transition words; Write body paragraphs 2 and 3 • Wednesday: Review and Write Conclusion paragraphs • Thursday: Typed rough draft due; Peer-Pair review; Review the Rubric • Friday: Fixing Comma Splices and Floating Quotes • Monday-Tuesday: Make final revisions and edits • Wednesday: Final Drafts due, MF book turn-in

  3. Theme in Mrs. Frisby The Introduction: A major theme in Robert O’Brien’s novel, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH is the idea that courage can be found in small packages. This theme is illustrated throughout the novel by Mrs. Frisby’s actions when trying to save her family. Theme statement! Seen in the book!

  4. Writing a Paragraph of Literary Analysis Here is the formula! 1. Introductory sentence (or topic sentence): Introduces the big idea that you are explaining or trying to prove (1-2 sentences will do) When Mrs. Frisby visits the owl in the forest to seek help with moving her family from the cinderblock, she must demonstrate courage.

  5. Writing a Paragraph of Literary Analysis 2. Brief summary of what is happening in the story (1 sentence will do) Mrs. Frisby enters the tree of the owl, who was…

  6. Writing a Paragraph of Literary Analysis 3. Passage from the story that helps explain/prove your ideas (between 1-3 sentences from the book plus page #) Mrs. Frisby enters the tree of the owl, who was “very large. Each of his feathery feet was tipped with five gleaming talons an inch long. His beak was curved and sharp and cruel” (51).

  7. Writing a Paragraph of Literary Analysis 4. Analysis of the quote to explain your big ideas: What does the quote SHOW? Even though the Owl looks intimidating, Mrs. Frisby enters his lair and asks him for his help. This is important because it shows that Mrs. Frisby will not be stopped even though she must ask an owl for help. This event shows that courage is found in small packages. Mrs. Frisby, being a field mouse, chooses to put herself in danger by visiting an animal that is known to eat mice.

  8. Writing a Paragraph of Literary Analysis 5. Concluding sentence: Wraps up your ideas and MAKES YOUR POINT CLEAR = Great paragraph of literary analysis! Without demonstrating this courage, Mrs. Frisby would not have been able to achieve her goal of saving her family.

  9. Essay Prompt Writing Body Paragraphs: Writing Analysis When you write analysis, you want to tell how the quote supports your theme. Describe how! Use phrases like this: This event illustrates _______ This highlights _______ Mrs. Frisby’s actions in this event show ______ This event demonstrates _________ This event supports the theme because it shows _____

  10. Transition Words Use transition words to guide your reader through your ideas. Use these to start your paragraphs. at first first also next second then last furthermore as well as

  11. More about the Conclusion -One way to conclude an analytical / expository composition is to summarize or restate the main points you have made in your essay. -For a more powerful effect, you should avoid simply repeating yourself. Instead, use your conclusion to highlight a key idea that you would like to leave your reader with

  12. Conclusion Mrs. Frisby’s actions in the novel demonstrate that courage really can be found in small packages. Through visiting the owl, seeking help from the rats, and putting sleeping powder in Dragon’s bowl, Mrs. Frisby does extraordinary things to save her family. These events demonstrate that people, and mice, will go to great lengths to save the people they love.

  13. Theme in Mrs. Frisby Writing the Conclusion Wrap up your paper by providing insights into the theme statement and how it is seen outside of the novel. Show how your theme statement represents a basic human truth. Use phrases like this: These events demonstrate that __________ This theme illustrates __________ It becomes clear that ___________

  14. Floating Quotes Floating quotes appear in an essay like this: Mrs. Frisby has to be brave when she helps Jeremy by untying him from the fence. He worries about getting eaten by the cat. “ ‘If the cat comes, he’ll knock you off the fence with one jump and catch you with the next’ ”(24). This shows that Mrs Frisby…

  15. Floating Quotes “ ‘If the cat comes, he’ll knock you off the fence with one jump and catch you with the next’ ”(24). This is a FLOATING QUOTE because there is nothing connecting it to the rest of the paragraph!

  16. Floating Quotes You can FIX your FLOATING QUOTES by connecting them to the rest of your paragraph like this… Mrs. Frisby authoritatively tells Jeremy,“ ‘If the cat comes, he’ll knock you off the fence with one jump and catch you with the next’ ”(24). This acts like an anchor, connecting the quote to your paragraph so it doesn’t float away!