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  1. DETAILED MODEL OF FACTORS INFLUENCING BEHAVIOR Cultural Culture Acquired while growing up values perceptions preferences behaviors Subculture More specific identification suku agama ras geografi Socio class Stratifikasi sosial tingkatan sosial hirarki sosial hirarki “priyayi” Social Reference groups Klp. Awam yang punya pengaruh luas/ tidak langsung thd penduduk Family Primary reference group - family of orientation (parents) - family of procrea- tion Roles and statuses Daughter Wife Executive Club member Personel Psychological Age and lifecycle stage Occupation Economic Circumstances Lifestyle Personality and Self-concept Motivation Perception Learning Beliefs and attitudes BUYER

  2. Kuliah 13 Consumer Behavior

  3. Problem Recognition Information Search Evaluation & Selection Store Choice & Purchase Purchase Decision Post Purchase

  4. Hawkins, Best, Coney Model of Consumer Behavior EXTERNAL INFLUENCES Culture Subculture Demographics Social Status Reference Groups Family Marketing Activities Experiences and Acquisitions DECISION PROCESS Situations Problem Recognition Information Search Alternative Evaluation and Selection Outlet Election and Purchase Postpurchase Processes Self-Concept and Lifestyle Needs Desires INTERNAL INFLUENCES Perception Learning Memory Motives Personality Emotions Attitudes Experiences and Acquisitions

  5. Evaluation Criteria Evaluation of Alternatives on each criteria Alternatives Selection Importance of Criteria Alternatives Considered Alternative Evaluation & Selection


  7. Tahapan Siklus Hidup Modern 1)Bachelor I (masih muda, belum menikah) 2)Young Couple (pasangan muda) 3)Full Nest I (pasangan muda, anak balita) 4)Full Nest II (pasangan dengan anak remaja) 5)Single Parent I (tidak menikah, punya anak) 6)Single Parent II (menikah, tanpa pasangan, punya anak) 7)Bachelor II (lajang, tidak menikah) 8)Childless Couple (menikah, tanpa anak) 9)Delayed Full Nest (menikah, dengan anak yang ditunda) 10)Full Nest III (pasangan dengan anak dewasa msh tinggl sermh) 11)Single Parent III (janda/duda dengan anak) 12)Bachelor III (sendiri, tanpa anak) 13) Older Couple (Empty Nest) pasangan, anak sdh tdk sermh.