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Keyword Supremacy review and Keyword Supremacy $11800 Bonus & Discount


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Keyword Supremacy review and Keyword Supremacy $11800 Bonus & Discount

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  1. Keyword Supremacy Review: Oh great. Another EFFING KeywordTool? Keyword Supremacy: http://beginnerdiary.com/keyword- supremacy-review/ Yes I know...ANOTHER keyword tool...but trust me, you'll want to read about thisone. Todd & Herc have literally done it again and released a KILLER keyword tool onto the market called Keyword Supremacy. This is their second “Supremacy” product and it might just be even more killer than the firstone!

  2. (their last product was Project Supremacy, which changed the SEO market in a HUGE way) • But Keyword Supremacyis honestly unlike any other keyword tool you've ever seen! • It does affiliate keywordresearch • It does adsense keywordresearch • It does local keyword research (no other tool on the market doesthis!!) • It does eCom keywordresearch • It does Amazon keywordresearch • It does eBay keywordresearch. • It scrapes Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Alibaba, Amazon & eBay's auto-suggest in a brand new way that only a small handful of other tools like UberSuggest can do. Actually to be honest, uberSuggest doesn't even really come close because they can scrape in 4 different ways on each engine! • BEFORE | AFTER | MIDDLE |BESIDE • And the best part is, they can get you all the metrics you need to know if these keywords are any good. Local and Global Monthly Search, CPC, and Adwords Competition. No other suggest based keyword tool can get you metrics, and 4 suggest stylescrapes. • Sounds confusing a little, I know. But you need to see this inaction. • There's even a free training you can watch where Herc shows you a LIVE Site, live ranking and live profits from a small 5 page website that's made over $27,000 in Adsense! He actually shows a bunch of live site examples and share a few strategies for finding keywords, and making quick profits from them! Proof is in thepudding! • Keyword SupremacyOverview:

  3. Keyword Supremacy's KeyFeatures: Local KeywordResearch What Other Keyword Tool DoesThis? From the list of keyword research tools listed above, can you think of just one of them that caters to local keywordresearch? I'm talking about the the "pool resufacing phoenix" and "spray foam insulation edmonton" type of searches that are literal gold mines to local SEO's? None of them do it like this app does it. Sure you can pop in a list of cities and keywords, then use some sort of script to combine them then run them through a metrics checker. I guess that works okay, but it's kind of a pain in the ass andslow. But what about suggesting new keywords in local markets? Can they do that? This toolcan! What about side by side comparisons of your search metrics to the populations of the 1000's of cities and towns across your area ? They don't do that, dothey? Well this tooldoes! They painstakingly built a database of every town and city across the US and Canada (using 2015 census data) and combined that with their suggest feature to give you the ability to uncover hidden local keywords that no one else is even thinking of that you can target on your sites pages and posts resulting in a 10x of traffic to yoursites. It honestly amazes me that no one has thought to do this yet. Or maybe it's just a case of they have thought of it, and haven't had the ability or time to get it done. Well they did it.

  4. Affiliate Keyword Research That Just Doesn'tQuit Ok, so Ubersuggest and Keyword Shifter caught on to the extremely smart aspect of collecting the search suggestkeywords. You know... the keywords that appear as you start typing your search. And that was supersmart! it FunFact Did you know that those keywords are the most relevant and searched keywords at 'this point and time' which is why these are the ones being displayed to you? But trends change, and so does the search suggest making it a timely and constantly evolving gold mine of keywords you should betargetting! KICK ASSMETRICS! ...the 'Gold Sluice' of mining for profitablekeywords... Well they give you all those keyword suggestions plus all the killer metrics that the other 'big boy' keyword tools do. You'll get 360 suggestions for each search plus all the following metrics for everykeyword: Monthly search volume Cost per click Advertiser competition Top 10 data analysis for eachkeyword Domain name availability in multiple types! .com, .net..org, .ca, .com.au,.co.uk What Else Do TheyHave? Oh ya, there'smore Fast Filters: Easily get ALL metrics for keyword list and filter through them later to find the real hiddengems.

  5. Competition Analysis:Look at the top 10 for any keyword and easily see what sites are ranking and why with Title, Desc, URL as well as trust, power and backlink data at yourfingertips. Mobility & Flexibility:Save, edit and even export entire lists of keywords that you love to use any way you seefit! Reliability:They use 3 different sources to collect metrics so that when one of them goes down for whatever reason, they also have 2 more to back it up to make sure you continuously get the metrics youdeserve. How Does Keyword SupremacyWork? [Tutorial Video Addedsoon] Final verdict - YourTurn! This is not an ordinary keyword tool, it can find an unlimited supply of fresh and relevant keywords for affiliates, eCom users, Amazon users, eBay users etc! And the way in which it finds keywords is so new and so useful, it's literally going to blowyour mind! You need to seeit. http://beginnerdiary.com/keyword-supremacy-review/ Keyword Supremacy,Keyword Supremacy review,Keyword Supremacy review and bonus,Keyword Supremacy reviews,Keyword Supremacy reviews and bonuses,Keyword Supremacy discount,Keyword Supremacy bonus,Keyword Supremacy bonuses,Keyword Supremacy review and discount,Keyword Supremacy review in detail,Keyword Supremacy ultimate review,Keyword Supremacy coupon,Keyword Supremacy demo,Keyword Supremacy demo review,Keyword Supremacy huge discount,Keyword Supremacy discount coupon,Keyword Supremacy download, Get Keyword Supremacy,Keyword Supremacy review demo and bonus,Keyword Supremacy massive bonus,Keyword Supremacy specific review,Keyword Supremacy particular review and bonus, Where to buy Keyword Supremacy,Keyword Supremacy review comparison,Keyword Supremacy biggest bonus,Keyword Supremacy demo product,Keyword Supremacy demo in action,Keyword Supremacy secretreview,

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