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. Scales

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  1. .Scales • When your music teacher announces the annual scale test of the month, quarter, or year, everyone pretty much says “ Oh gee, another scale test,” but I found some information that will replace those words and make you say “Oh, another scale test no problem!”

  2. Why would I spend so much time practicing scales? • Practicing scales doesn't take a long time. Unless you make the mistake of only practicing them the night before the test. • This does not work. Practicing scales doesn't happen over night . So just practice a little at a time!

  3. How do I even practice these scales?! • When you began and you don't know them by memory just play each scale everyday about three times each. • After you get that down see if you can play them by memory. Just try playing them without looking at anything. • You have to realize you have made some mistakes but almost have them in your head. • Just practice them once a day for about a month and they will stick in your mind.

  4. What's In it for me if I practice Scales? • Practicing scales can make a big difference in your playing. When you are a sight reading, knowing your scale will help because most of your music is based on scales when being written. An example of this is difficult runs in the songs. They are probably based off a scale meaning that once you figure out the pattern, you can play it no problem. • And I know from my personal experience, if you can play the song you will have much more fun playing your instrument rather than sitting out and not playing. • Ever since I came to high school band I have learned so much. It made me play even better and enjoy playing clarinet than I ever did in middle school band.

  5. People Who Don't Practice their scales They will have a more difficult time and learn the music slower then everyone else. Have a huge difficulty sight reading Won't have as much fun in band because while the rest of the band is playing a song at a faster tempo you these people will be still trying to learn the music. Differences Scales Make • People Who Practice their scales • Will have less difficulty learning their music • Will have fun in band • Will understand their music, and why the key is the way it is • Will be able to play difficult runs in a song

  6. My Experience With Scales • When I was in middle school band we didn't drill scales as much. The only test we had really was to be able to play our concert music which was very simple to me. • So I never practiced the scales. I walked into high school band realizing most of the band new all their scales , the concert music was so much harder and I had to know scales to be able to play it. • For the first couple of months of concert band I struggled. And then I found out there were scale tests! By memory! I thought it was insane. • But then I practiced my scales and learned my music, and had a great time in band. I knew how to play my music and had fun with it. Just like people do in marching band!

  7. Love marching band and hate Concert band? • The reason why you do is I am guessing because it's harder, and you have fun playing the simpler music in marching band. But how would you like it if you could have as much fun in concert band! • If you practice your scales the concert music will become easy to and you could have a great time, just like you do in marching band.

  8. My outlook On Scales • I think scales are not that bad. • I think scales can even make you smile when you learn them finally by memory. I bet you never thought of that! • So practice your scales! • Scales will help you learn not only your music in band, but music at a professional level as well.

  9. By: Jaime Schlau