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What If China Never Introduced the One-child Policy ? PowerPoint Presentation
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What If China Never Introduced the One-child Policy ?

What If China Never Introduced the One-child Policy ?

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What If China Never Introduced the One-child Policy ?

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  1. What If China Never Introduced the One-child Policy? Christina 100212009041

  2. Fengjianmei’s Misfortune Survey & Result Misconceptions Netizens’ Comments Accurate Understanding

  3. The remains of the fetus lying next to the mother on her hospital bed June 2, in Zhenping County, located in China's Shanxi Province Fengjianmei’s Misfortune Source: Weibo

  4. 全称:豆瓣网简称:豆瓣 Netizens’ Comments • Shock & Anger • Source: Tencent Views • Source: Tencent Forum

  5. 全称:豆瓣网简称:豆瓣 A survey among 100 undergraduates and their parents from 10 universities in China, 10 each Survey & Result * Ocean University of China, Qingdao * University of international business and economics, Beijing *Renmin University of China, Beijing *FudanUniversity, shanghai * Soochow university, Suzhou * Nanjing Audit University, Nanjing * Wuhan university, Wuhan * Shandong U, Jinan * Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Guangzhou * Lanzhou University, Lanzhou

  6. No. 1: Do you think it is justifiable and necessary to introduce the One-child Policy in 1978? 227 No 247 Yes Survey & Result No.2 Do you think the One-child policy is still justifiable and should be remained? 73 Yes 53 No Question 1 Question 2

  7. The result suggests : Applicable in 1978 not applicable now Misconceptions

  8. Misconceptions Despite the sporadic tragedies like Feng’s case, the policy in general alleviates social, economic, and environmental problems. They misunderstand the situation in 1970s and think it is justifiable to introduce the policy in 1978. Their implication is that the one-child policy is highly responsible for the reduction in the total fertility rate.

  9. What did the government say? the policy has prevented between 250 and 300 million births from its implementation until 2000, and 400 million births from 1979 to 2011. this "fundamental policy of the state" has helped reduce the pressure of population growth on society and economic development.

  10. Pictures from Google

  11. Accurate Understanding • . The policy itself is probably only partially responsible for the reduction in the total fertility rate. It does not alleviate the mentioned problems, instead, it is one vital problem itself. Never does the One-child Policy apply to any situation, neither in 1970s nor in 2010s.

  12. What did independent academics say? According to an article in the New England Journal of Medicine,the most dramatic decrease in the rate actually occurred before the policy was imposed. Between 1970 and 1979, the largely voluntary "late, long, few" policy,had already resulted in a halving of the total fertility rate, from 5.9 to 2.9. After the one-child policy was introduced, there was a more gradual fall in the rate until 1995, and it has more or less stabilized at approximately 1.7 since then." According to Professor Wang Feng, Director of Brookings-Tsinghua Center, China's fertility rate was reduced from more than five to just over two before family planning policy was introduced in 1978.

  13. What did a newspaper report? The Southern Weekend, a liberal newspaper based in the southern city of Guangzhou, reported about the little publicised case of Yicheng county, in the northern province of Shanxi. Yicheng has been experimenting with a two-child policy for 25 years, Despite its more relaxed regulations, the county has a lower than average population growth rate, the report said.

  14. What did several interviews imply? Interviews with 5 undergraduates who all have siblings Hilary: one sister and one brother Ning: two sisters Jane: one brother Lily: one brother Each family paid about 25,000 yuan for a second child Able to pay the fine Able to have two or more children Lee has six sisters, and his father is an entrepreneur. His parents paid the family planning authorities about 200,000 yuanin total.

  15. What if Chinanever introduced the One-child Policy? Violent enforcement Huge gender imbalance A vast and entrenched interest group:The family-planning bureaucracy Feng’s family and many other people’s A rapidly ageing society Unequal enforcement …… …… ……

  16. THANKS