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Tartan Upholstery Fabric PowerPoint Presentation
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Tartan Upholstery Fabric

Tartan Upholstery Fabric

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Tartan Upholstery Fabric

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  1. TARTAN UPHOLSTERY FABRIC Mobile + 44 8443 448 588 Phone + 44 7404 158 960 Yorkshire Fabric Shop Online Tartan Fabric is playing one of the most important roles in upholstery nowadays.

  2. Design fabrics are deeply embedded in our lifestyle. Everyone wants to live a quality lifestyle. Thus the interior look of your home comes to the top of the list.

  3. When you enter that home, and the comfy look of your excellent furniture gives you comfort from all the tiring work that you did over the whole day, that’s when you know that it was worth it. And in this comfort, upholstery plays a very important role.

  4. Tartan Fabric is playing one of the most important roles in upholstery nowadays. This fabric with its criss-cross pattern of various color threads that are aligned vertically and horizontally is considered to be among the best fabrics that are used in designing and upholstery nowadays.

  5. Mobile + 44 8443 448 588 Phone + 44 7404 158 960 Tartan manufacturing was initialized by wool and its history goes way back. However, with increase in technology, many synthetic fabrics were incorporated in the manufacture of tartan fabric. Tartan origin belongs to Scotland which is confirmed from the existence of Scottish kilts which resemble that of tartan.

  6. Manufacturing Technique The process of manufacturing of tartan is not complex and not some rocket science. The threads are pre-dyed so as to give that multicolored look in the woven cloth. As for the weaving, weft and wrap technique is used which makes the thread to be women perpendicular to each other in a horizontal and vertical direction. This method blends the original colors into new shades thus producing a very beautiful look on the fabric. Moreover, a set is formed which is referred to the general repetition of the same pattern after a fixed amount of length which goes in both horizontal and vertical directions.

  7. Mobile + 44 8443 448 588 Phone + 44 7404 158 960 This sett effect is great. It makes the total number of blended and original colors increase quadratic ally. This means that 5 original colors produce 16 blended colors and this effect can be increased by adding more original colors. As we add more original colors, the blending can produce more and more effects like blurring. But it is not a general trend that tartan has to be made this way. There exist many different types of tartans which can change according to the demand of the customer. That is the reason for the existence of different types of tartans in different homes, districts etc. Some of the main types of tartans are mentioned in this article.

  8. As mentioned earlier, tartan has a deep history. In previous eras when there were wars going on, clan tartans were used to distinguish among the foe and ally in a war. The color of tartans used varied and a particular group had a particular color of tartan. This custom also has its origins in Scotland.

  9. Clan tartan is quite old and not used much nowadays. Therefore its use in upholstery is totally out of question. Black watch is quite popular nowadays. This is also called Old Campbell. . All these varieties of tartan fabric make it an exclusive choice to be used in the furniture. If you want to make your interior look good make sure that you choose tartan fabric for it

  10. This amazing fabric has gained a lot of popularity among the masses thus is hard to find in reasonable rates. But with Yorkshire fabric shop this awesome fabric is available in best possible rates. You can visit the website for more information on this fabric.

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