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Upholstery Fabric

Upholstery Fabric

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Upholstery Fabric

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  1. How to Coordinate Floral Upholstery Fabric with Other Fabrics

  2. Here is brief discussion about the ways to coordinate the floral upholstery fabricwith other fabrics in the room by Yorkshire Fabric Shop. In order to make a creative and unique style of the room make sure that there is coordination among all the fabrics installed on different things. Best way of coordinating different fabrics with floral pattern fabric is matching and mixing all the fabrics to some extent and while doing so consider the paint of walls also.

  3. The most common things are chairs, sofas, pillows and cushions where upholstery fabric is installed. It may be felt as intimated work but with the help of our simple guidance you will be able to coordinate in a proper and well looking manner. Just start from considering the colors, patterns and textures of all fabrics and then make different combinations by putting temporality fabric pieces on all such things. While keeping one fabric at window curtains, you will be able to make different combinations of remaining fabrics for cushions, sofas and pillows. Then change the fabric of the curtain and make same combinations again. Which coordination looks great make snap to remember in the end.

  4. There is no issue with floral upholstery fabricbecause it is equally suitable for all purposes. If you select this fabric for curtains then try to choose plain fabric for sofas and stripped fabric for cushions. Before selecting the style of floral upholstery fabric for curtains make sure that its combination with paint of walls and space of the room is okay. Large floral pattern fabric is suitable if your room is spacious and there is considerable place among all furniture articles.

  5. In spacious room large size floral pattern will enhance the beauty of the room. If the size of room is small then large size floral pattern is not a good option as it will not provide sensible look but with normal room size you may select bold patterns. For small rooms it is the best way to select small floral print fabric for curtains or cushions or sofas. This small size floral print with other fabric will provide sophisticated and beautiful look and room will look like spacious room.

  6. Mostly people select floral upholstery fabric due to design inspiration but fabric must be of such design which contains more than two colours because such fabric will help in making combination with other fabrics easily. In order to make unique design strips of different fabric may also be used to make one piece after joining them. But such design requires professional expertise and knowledge about cutting as well as sewing.

  7. While selecting the colours of fabric try to make universal combination as they are seen in nature. For example green colour background with brown and red floral pattern provides look of a tree and similarly sky blue with brown provides the combination of earth and sky. Whatever you want to try, make sure that you are going to make good combination by coordinating all elements.

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