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Nixon: The Last Liberal?

Nixon: The Last Liberal?. Environmental Legislation. • EPA, 1970 • Clean Air Act. • Clean Water Act Vetoed. Cuyahoga River. Pollution. Consumer Protection Agency. Ralph Nader, Unsafe at Any Speed. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Proposed Family

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Nixon: The Last Liberal?

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  1. Nixon: The Last Liberal?

  2. Environmental Legislation • EPA, 1970 • Clean Air Act • Clean Water Act Vetoed Cuyahoga River Pollution

  3. Consumer Protection Agency Ralph Nader, Unsafe at Any Speed

  4. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

  5. Proposed Family Assistance Plan • Negative Income Tax • Replace AFDC with federal guarantee of minimum income • 1970 poverty threshold for family of 4 = $4000 • Program guarantees $1600 • Liberals reject it as insufficient

  6. Proposed Comprehensive Health Insurance Act • Open enrollment Medicare • Mandatory Employer Paid Insurance • Killed by unions who thought they’d get a better deal from the next (Democratic) President

  7. Nixon: The New Conservative ?

  8. The Politics of Polarization

  9. 1968: The End of Consensus

  10. Vietnam:

  11. Flag Burners

  12. or Hardhats

  13. Black v. White:

  14. Race Riots

  15. FBI Uniform Crime Report or Law & Order

  16. Emerging Culture Wars:

  17. Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

  18. or Righteousness

  19. The Regional Divide:

  20. City

  21. or Suburb;

  22. Rust Belt

  23. or Sun Belt


  25. Conservative Ascendency through Polarization: Nixon’s Southern Strategy Kevin Phillips, The Emergence of a New Republican Majority

  26. No. 1: Slow down school desegregation. “Two extreme groups…. We need a middle ground.” -- Nixon

  27. No. 2: Move the Supreme Court to the Right Judge Clement Haynsworth "Even if [Carswell] is mediocre, there are a lot of mediocre judges and people and lawyers. They are entitled to a little Representation, aren't they, and a little chance?” -- Senator Hruska, R-NE Judge HarroldCarswell “Rejected because they are Southerners…” -- Nixon

  28. No. 3: Attack the Northeastern Liberal Elite

  29. “A tiny and closed fraternity of privileged men, elected by no one, and enjoying a monopoly sanctioned and licensed by government.”

  30. “The American people should be made aware of the trend toward monopolization of the great public information vehicles and the concentration of more and more power over public opinion in fewer and fewer hands.”

  31. “Ultra-liberalism today translates into a whimpering isolationism in foreign policy, a mulish obstructionism in domestic policy, and a pusillanimous pussyfooting on the critical issue of law and order.”

  32. “A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete corps of impudent snobs who characterize themselves as intellectuals.”

  33. “Yippies, Hippies, Yahoos, Black Panthers, lions and tigers alike - I would swap the whole damn zoo for the kind of young Americans I saw in Vietnam.”

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