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Star Valley medical center

Star Valley medical center. Accomplishments for 2010. Auxilary. Auxilary contributed $16,112 towards capital equipment; $5,000 toward SVMC employee education fund; and $500 in scholarships to high school students.

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Star Valley medical center

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  1. Star Valley medical center Accomplishments for 2010

  2. Auxilary • Auxilary contributed $16,112 towards capital equipment; $5,000 toward SVMC employee education fund; and $500 in scholarships to high school students. • Several members of the Auxiliary organization attended the WHA annual convention.

  3. Auxilary • The Auxiliary organized and participated in a Pizza Hut fundraiser, cookie jar fundraiser, Hope Chest fundraiser, Christmas Tree fundraiser, card tournament fundraiser, and scrub sale fundraiser. • The volunteers have contributed over 5365 hours volunteering for SVMC in 2010. The volunteers serve in the gift shop; help with United Blood Services; and Public Health flu shots.

  4. BOARD • Marti Halverson, Rowan Anderson, and Bob Hunsaker along with Steve attended an ACO education and discussion in Riverton. • Board elections were held in November with Ann Maki returning as an incumbent. New Board members elected were Bob Hunsaker, Marlowe Scherbel, and Ed Bruce. A new board orientation was held in November. • Senator Charles Scott was the education for the July Board meeting. Dan Dockstader arranged for Senator Scott to discuss health care issues on the state and national level.

  5. BOARD • Martha Hageman, Trustee, resigned from the Board of Trustees on December 9, 2009, which necessitated finding another Board Member. • Ann Maki was appointed to the Board from an interview process on January 26, 2010. • Marti Halverson and Drew Izatt attended the annual WHA convention. Marti presented her notes and thoughts at the October meeting.

  6. BOARD • A Board Retreat was held in March, in which we invited Dr. John Lucas, CEO of Cheyenne Regional Medical Center to discuss affiliations and health care future. Also, Steve Chadderdon, Outreach Director for Wyoming Medical Center presented meaningful use for information technology. Each Board member gave their view as to where they see SVMC in the next three years.

  7. FACILITY • In the spring of 2010, a major expansion and renovation project was completed. The project consisted of expansion of the Laboratory and Radiology Departments; expansion and renovation of a new kitchen service and cafeteria area which was occupied in January 2010; expansion of conference space; expansion of a new Maintenance Shop; renovation of the Pharmacy area so that we are compliant to mix chemotherapy drugs; and the expansion of four (4) additional inpatient beds, which were supplied with beds, chairs, clocks, and emergency supplies by Central Supply.

  8. Facility • Converted three different suction canister systems to a single soft-sided canister. This reduces the cost of canisters and biohazard disposal costs. • The maintenance shop was moved to their new location at which time the old maintenance shop was converted to an additional clinic space. The space is being occupied by Dr. Pieper.

  9. Facility • Carpet was replaced in the corridor of the Care Center. The Care Center and Hospital carpet was replaced. • In August, the film file room and the technologist room in Radiology was switched. This created more space for the technologists’ room.

  10. Facility • A storage compound was built to store various equipment, supplies, etc. that is not visible to the public. • The Care Center circle drive landscaping was totally redone. This was a great improvement. • Sidewalks were replaced on the west end of the facility.

  11. Finances • A “funded depreciation” account was established in early 2010. The Medical Center has funded it throughout the year. • The Bond that was issued for the new hospital of $2.5m was paid off in January, 2010. The bond was paid several years before the original due date. • The finance committee recommended to the Board to pay-off the Wells Fargo note that was held for the purchase of the C.T.

  12. Finances • The year 2010 was the switch to a six month “short-year”. The year was closed in 2009 at which time a financial audit was performed. Then at June 30, 2010 the “short-year” was closed again, and a “short-year” audit was performed. • Net Accounts Receivable of 55 days for a goal was exceeded; we ended the calendar at 53 days.

  13. Finances • The Business Service Department implemented and presented to the Board the “Point of Service” brochure and program. • The Business Service Department completed an external audit for ICD-9 coding and E&M codes for physician claims. • The Business Service Department completed an annual review of the Charge Master.

  14. Finances • Med/Surg decreased cost of staffing from $816.49 in 2009 to $641.53 in 2010, per patient day. • The Business Service Department completed an external audit for ICD-9 coding and E&M codes for physician claims. • An annual review of the Charge Master was performed and completed.

  15. Finances • Applied for and received a grant from the Leona B. and Harry M. Helmsley Foundation for over $400,000 for a digital mammography system. • Applied for and received a grant from the State Land and Investment Board for a new bus for the residents of the Care Center with a value of $54,000.

  16. Foundation • Held a phone-a-thon, raised over $25,000. • Held the 11th Annual Golf Tournament that raised over $16,000. • Developed a potential donor list with Foundation Board. • Replaced Foundation Board members, Jared Gleue and Kirk Dana, and Ron Crook as Board liaison. Elected new Board members, Gerry Roberts, Tom Davis and Robert King, and Bob Hunsaker will serve as Board liaison . Virginia Radford was re-elected as a Board member.

  17. HUMAN RESOURCES • Hired a new department director for the Pharmacy Department , and we have contracted with another pharmacist to join us in June 2011, Demetria Parsons. • Marianne Wamhoff, PR/Foundation was hired in January 2010 to handle SVMC’s public relations, marketing and foundation affairs. • Hired Heidi Clark as a Medical Staff Coordinator. These tasks were distributed out to various employees. However, with the increased medical staff, it was imperative to hire this position.

  18. Human Resources • SVMC contracted with a consultant, Renee Waller, CEO of Mentor Rx, Inc., to provide leadership mentoring to the department directors and administration. Video classes were held each month and in addition, Renee came on-site to provide additional training. • Renee Waller provided training to the hospital nurses and CNAs, which followed the same program as the department directors. She came on-site for that training.

  19. Human Resources • Star Valley ambulance service had eight EMT’s attend a trauma conference in Cheyenne. • The Business Service Department developed and implemented scripting for patients to be used to improve collection efforts. • Hired Mike Kentner as the Director of Nursing. Mike has a great deal of experience for this position.

  20. Human Resources • We conducted four sessions on customer service training. Mike Ford and Marianne Wamhoff presented the information to staff over a several month time frame. • Hired Brad Tyer as the Facilities and Environmental Service Director to replace Adam Lancaster who went back to college to obtain his MBA degree.

  21. Human Resources • Michelle Oliver, DON for the Care Center, was selected as the Norman S. Holt award winner by the Wyoming Hospital Association. She accepted the award at the annual WHA convention in Cheyenne. • In addition to the Norman S. Holt award, Michelle won the 2010 March of Dimes award for Rehabilitation. She accepted the award in Gillette in November, 2010.

  22. Human Resources • Steve served as the Past Chairman of the Wyoming Hospital Association until the WHA annual convention, the end of September. • Pam Clement, Executive Assistant served as President of WHA Support Professionals. • Jean Pinter served as President of Wyoming Organization of Nurse Executives, (Jan – Oct 2010). • Jean Pinter serves as a Board member for High Country Behavioral Health

  23. Human Resources • Jean Pinter serves as a Board member of Quality Healthcare foundation of Wyoming. She represented the organization at the national convention as a Wyoming House of Delegation delegate (AAHSA). • Jean Pinter serves as an Advisory Board member for the Division of Aging State Department of Health. • Received Recertification of the Federal Diabetic Education Program.

  24. Human Resources • RaDawn Ruud won the Jim Mayberry Lifetime Achievement Award in September. She was presented the award at a Trauma meeting in Cheyenne. • All five of the radiologic technologists now hold national CT certification. Sara, Tim, Ethan, Terry, and Echo. • Dietary Manager received Certified Dietary Manager and Certified Foodservice Protection Professional certification. Dietary Cooks received training and certification in food service protection.

  25. NEW SERVICES • With the hiring of Kay Yost, SVMC has been performing vascular ultrasound scans. Kay is a nationally credentialed vascular ultrasound technologist that is in the process of nationally credentialing this service here. There are only two (2) nationally credentialed vascular ultrasound labs in Wyoming. • Started a new gradual dose reduction program with chemical and restraints. • The Care Center began using essential oils for residents with great success.

  26. New Services • Opened the new Swift Creek Café in the new addition; expanded service times and menu items; increased the number of patrons in the café. • Expanded the items offered for catered events. • Implemented a patient meal choice menu for inpatients.

  27. PHYSICIANS • Administration and Physicians held a very successful “Physicians Retreat” in November. The Medical Center brought in Dr. Kent Bottles to discuss ACOs, health care reform, and other topics. The physicians were very much engaged and appreciated the retreat. • Public Relations conducted a physician survey to determine satisfaction issues, and physician need issues. The results of the survey will be presented to the physicians and to the Board of Trustees in January 2011.

  28. Physicians • The CEO has been holding monthly meetings with the physicians (Physician Roundtables) for the purpose of discussing various topics and to receive feedback from the physicians and to open a two-way communication. • SVMC contracted with a coding company to audit charts and to provide education to the physicians on coding and documentation. • Expanded the clinic hours during the weekdays and are holding ½ day Saturday Clinic.

  29. PHYSICIAN RECRUITMENT • Dr. Ross Pieper, F.P. began his family practice and emergency department coverage at SVMC on July 2010. • Dr. Niki Milleson, F.P. began her family practice and emergency department coverage at SVMC on September 2010. • Dr. Wade Dunlap, general surgeon, signed an agreement to began practice at SVMC on July 2011. He will be joining us from a residency program out of Wisconsin. • Dr. Sam Linford, orthopaedic surgeon, has signed an agreement to join Salt River Orthopaedics in the year 2013.

  30. PHYSICIAN RECRUITMENT • SVMC has contracted with Portneuf Medical Center to have two oncologists join the SVMC staff. Dr’s. Pierson and Ririe are conducting oncology clinic on a rotating basis at SVMC which began in January 2011. They also meet with patients via tele-medicine. • Salt River Orthopaedics has added Dr. Norman Bos, orthopaedic surgeon, on a very limited part-time basis, to conduct a clinic in Thayne.

  31. PUBLIC RELATIONS • Dr. Kirk and Dr. Hageman became employees of SVMC during the year. Agreements were made that Dr. Kirk still manages his clinic, but is employed by SVMC. • The Medical Center’s web-site was totally reworked, and is greatly improved. The website address is www.svmcwy.org. • Community CPR classes are being offered to the public monthly. The instructors are certified instructors. 164 people completed certification in 2010.

  32. Public Relations • SVMC was a sponsor in the Women’s Health and Beauty Expo. Dr. Morgan discussed women’s health issues; Chris Simpson presented “Touch Therapy” service, and radiology provided bone density information. • SVMC received a grant to provide education and kits on Radon. The presentation was made by Michael Ford and Dr. Shrader. They handed out 150 Radon kits.

  33. Public Relations • Board met with Star Valley’s State Representatives to discuss upcoming legislative issues. • SVMC has been intensely involved with the Title 25 program for our area. Jean has attended several meetings to help determine a solution to this issue. • Second year for health fair done by in-house lab department. We drew separately for Lincoln County School District in several locations throughout the valley and also in Cokeville.

  34. Public Relations • SVMC honored Dr. Perkes for his continual practice with Star Valley for the past 50 years. The celebration was held at the Flying Saddle Lodge in Alpine. • The Health Fair was a great success this year with 24 booths involved, including several of the booths being SVMC’s. • Held an open house for the new Digital Mammography system.

  35. Public Relations • EMS held an open house to the public to show appreciation of community support. • Developed and conducted a YBEC class through Lincoln County School District #2. This is an elective class at SVHS. • The EMS was involved with Ranch Rodeo, Pro Bull Rodeo, Crazy Cowboy Race, Simplot BEC class, Afton Hill Climbs, Ted Moffat 100 year birthday celebration, and RaDawn Rudd life-time achievement award.

  36. Public Relations • HealthBeat education sessions were created and held 12 sessions in 2010. • Revised print media in newspaper to provide community calendar and to place most ads on one page for ease in reading by community. • Held Breast Cancer Awareness talks and events to educate people on need for mammograms and to offer resources available in Lincoln County for non-insured patients. • Created child summer safety event at the health fair.

  37. Public Relations • SVMC’s employees supplied 36 children with gifts for the Angel Tree partnership with Bank of Star Valley. • SVMC’s employees provided 1810 pounds of food for Star Valley’s food drive. SVMC matched the pounds in dollars contributed. • Participated in the Independence Day Parade by a SVMC float with the theme of bicycle safety. • Newspaper insert of SVMC annual report.

  38. Public Relations • Installation of monitors throughout the facility to display strategic plan, quality data, educational opportunities, etc. • Marianne, created and coordinated P.A.R.T.Y. (prevent alcohol risk-related trauma in youth) program for 200 valley eight graders with other organizations in the community for a two day event. • Provided many tours and education for primary age children, pre-school age children and teens.

  39. Public Relations • Transferred from Press Ganey to HealthStream as a the patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction vendor. This switch involved much education to staff, physicians and Board.

  40. QUALITY • Mammographers, Sara Merritt and Echo Jorgensen have achieved an unbelievable repeat rate of 0.02%. The national average for repeating mammographic views is 5.0%. • We received the American College of Radiology accreditation of our mammography program. We received the highest rating awarded. • The Med/Surg department implemented “Rapid Sequence Intubation and Anaphylaxis” kits in the ER.

  41. Quality • Converted SVMC’s group purchasing contract from VHA to Broadlane for supply and equipment savings. • Sterile processing department improved the way equipment is sterilized. The department is now meeting AAMI standards. • An ultrasonic cleaner was purchased to improve the ability to clean canulated instruments and for cleaning used items that are sent for reprocessing.

  42. Quality • Purchased a new lift for care center residents. • The care center survey was very positive once again. There were no concerns for resident care. • The lab department passed CLIA inspection for another two years.

  43. Technology • Fluoro x-ray equipment was purchased and installed in 2010. This equipment is used for fluoroscopy procedures and also serves as another x-ray machine for high volume. • Purchased a DEXA Scanner machine that provides patients with the highest level of bone density assessments. • Purchased a state-of-the-art digital mammography system. This equipment revolutionized imaging that brings 30% greater resolution.

  44. Technology • Implemented Healthland medication administration record. • Implemented computerized discharge education for all patients. • Replaced video systems and booms in both OR rooms in addition to new monitors, boom arms camera, and a capture system with a cost previously quoted for just one room.

  45. Technology • Converted an older version of MDS 2.0 software to a newer 3.0 MDS software for the Care Center. • Upgraded physician Schedule View program. • Upgraded Healthland transaction system to the 9.3 version. • Added IT connectivity of Thayne Clinic through VPN.

  46. Technology • Purchased and installed security cameras throughout facility. • Establishment of patient WIFI access. • Added antivirus protection throughout the network. • The laboratory department purchased a new coagulation analyzer. The new equipment will provide cost savings and more accurate testing.

  47. VOLUMES 20102009 % Change Inpatient Admissions 697 610 14.3% Births 105 97 8.2% Inpatient Days 2224 1682 32.2% LTC patient days 8503 8507 - E.R. visits 3098 3440 - 9.9% Surgery cases 1203 1050 14.6% Total O.P. visits 17843 16980 5.1% Total gross revenue $29,263,444 $25,368,936 15.4% Total operating expenses $21,037,487 $19,215,360 9.5%

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