new york medical marijuana on schedule in january launch n.
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New York Medical Marijuana On Schedule in January Launch PowerPoint Presentation
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New York Medical Marijuana On Schedule in January Launch

New York Medical Marijuana On Schedule in January Launch

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New York Medical Marijuana On Schedule in January Launch

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  1. New York Medical Marijuana On Schedule in January Launch

  2. Although rumors suggested that the program of medical marijuana in New York would not be anywhere near ready to launch in January 2016, the Department of Health of the State recently issued a statement suggesting that there was no delay, and that the program is right on target for its forecasts , Date of issue. “The program of state medical marijuana is on the way to full implementation within two months”, said the representative of the Department of Health James Plastiras subway. “Any suggestion to the contrary has no basis in fact.” The potential inability of the state to bring medical marijuana to patients early next year stems from a number of problems in recent years by the fact it took the Department of Health up to mid-October, to begin offering online training course for physicians interested in providing recommendations. Marijuana advocates have also been concerned that none of the 20 dispensaries of the state will not be ready to start selling drugs at the time. “January is quite aggressive considering license [to grow and distribute medical marijuana] just awarded [in July],” Melissa Meyer, founder HealthMJ, an organization that teaches marijuana patients, told The Village Voice. However, the Department of Health said that all five cultivators selected by the state at the beginning of this year, were fully functional and will distribute the drugs in the period of January.

  3. Unfortunately, the real problem with medical marijuana in New York is not the logistics, but in getting physicians across the state to participate. In July, the High Times reported that so far, only one doctor in all states expressed readiness to certify patients. In fact, a recent survey of 500 doctors of New York found that only one scheduled to participate in the program of medical marijuana. Since then, the government introduced a “New York State Education Practitioner – “Medical use of marijuana “course, which is a $ 250 4-hour training program. It is required before the doctor can begin to offer recommendations to the patients. However, the Department of Health refuses to reveal how many doctors are enrolled in online classes, which may indicate a lackluster response. Even if hundreds of doctors undergo the necessary training for the time when the program starts in January, the right to medical marijuana in New York suggests that patients should have a legal relationship with a doctor before getting a recommendation for marijuana. Therefore, many patients with serious diseases, the main condition for using the program can be put in a position where their primary doctor is not one authorized to certify their participation in the program. Although dispensaries can open its doors for a while, there may not be a lot of patients waiting for when they do.