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Neil A rmstrong

Neil A rmstrong

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Neil A rmstrong

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  1. Neil Armstrong By Sam

  2. Early Life • *Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio just after midnight on August 5 , 1930. • *Found in Ohio is the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. • *His mother, Viola, and father , Stephen, raised him but he was always his mothers pet. • *He had his mother and father his younger siblings, June and Dean, and his grandparents for a family. • *Originally born in his grandparent’s farmhouse, Neil moved six-teen times before he was thirteen.

  3. Education • *Neil had a hobby of building model planes out of wood, wire and tissue paper. • *He went to the public school, Purdue University, and after a couple of years Neil got his Masters Degree. • *Neil was a fine student but he wasn’t focused on his studies and the science classes were hard.

  4. Fame and Career • *Neil Armstrong was a pilot and an engineer who knew all about mechanics of planes and flight but he was also the first man to set foot on the moon. • *His family was a big influence on him but so was the invention of the telescope. • *He took part time in jobs to prepare him for the money he had to pay for flying lessons. • *Before Neil was famous he was a normal and had normal responsibility's like mowing the lawn at a cemetery and making donuts at a donut company. • *This amazing man put a big influence on the world when he set foot on the moon, it was that anyone can do anything if they try. • *Neil got many metals when in the Navy.

  5. Interesting Facts • *Neil got his pilots license before his drivers license. Some people don’t ever get their drivers license. He also served in the army through college. Usually people join the Navy ,if they even join, when they are in their 20’s. • *A part of Neil's life was during the Korean War. • *He married a girl named Janet Shearon in 1956 , he had 2 kids. • *Before Neil became famous he worked at a donut company.

  6. Legacy • Neil died after complications form cardiovascular surgery on August 25,2012. • He was old and though it was not tragic it affected billions of people.

  7. Purpose • I wanted to research Neil Armstrong because when I was little my mom would tell me stories about him and I wanted to know more.