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Thursday with Ryan PowerPoint Presentation
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Thursday with Ryan

Thursday with Ryan

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Thursday with Ryan

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  1. Actually with Ryan Thursday with Ryan

  2. Favorite Places in Europe • What were some of your favorite places on my trip?? • What do you think were my 2 favorite countries to visit?? • Hints: • I love mountains and skiing!! • The name Ryan is from ancestors that migrated here from this country during the potato famine.

  3. Favorite Places in Pictures Favorite Countries Cliffs of Moher, Ireland The Alps, Switzerland History Filled Cities City Flag of Mainz Explorers Monument , Lisbon

  4. Back to Ireland for St. Patty’s Day • Galway and Western Ireland may be my favorite places in Europe. • From the beautiful Cliffs of Moher to the ancient Stone Fort on the Aran Islands and the traditional music in Galway. • Western Ireland had a bit of everything!!

  5. The City of Galway Claddagh Ring Claddagh Quay in Galway Traditional Irish Music played every night

  6. Ancient Celtic Stone Fort Dating to before 2000 B.C -How many years ago is that??? Backside of the Fortification Aran Islands Movie The main fortress with series of surrounding walls

  7. The Swiss Alps and Lindt Chocolates • - Small villages are found in valleys between the towering peaks. • Switzerland is easily the cleanest • country in all of Europe. • - Many of the rural people work on both small family farms in the summer and work the ski resorts in the winter.

  8. Swiss Houses • The Swiss houses all have the date of their construction carved on the outsides. • Many of these houses are also B&Bs for skiers in the winter

  9. The City of Mainz, Germany - The Guttenberg Statue - Carnival is a famous event each year in Mainz - In front of the Gutenberg museum

  10. Mainz’s Importance Past and Present • Mainz was the Roman capital North of the Alps and later the strongest Roman Catholic diocese outside Italy. • The city still has many buried Roman ruins.

  11. Mainz’s Importance Past and Present • Today the city is the capital of one of Germany’s sixteen states.

  12. Lisbon - The City by the Atlantic - Tower of Belem that protected the city. - The style of the building is taken from the Moors who ruled Spain and Portugal for 800 years. The Moors were actually from the Middle East. - Looking out on the Tagus River that empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

  13. The City of Explorers Explorers monument in Lisbon - The tomb of Vasco de Gama. Discoverer of the sea route to India. - All the famous Portuguese explorers are sculpted here.

  14. The City of Seafood and Pastries Famous Portuguese seafood stew Pastries of Belem, flavored with cinnamon and sugar Where they make the pastries

  15. My Favorite Places in Europe • I can’t wait until I am able to visit Europe again. • Hopefully you all will have the opportunity to visit this great continent!!!