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Project: Big Bang PowerPoint Presentation
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Project: Big Bang

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Project: Big Bang

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Project: Big Bang

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  1. Project: Big Bang New procedures and guidelines with a brand new look

  2. New Clubs

  3. New Clubs

  4. New Clubs

  5. New Clubs

  6. New Clubs

  7. New Clubs

  8. Interest Groups Forms • Student Group Start-up Form • Budget Form • Membership List You will get a Project Code just like Clubs/Societies when you require it.

  9. Existing Clubs

  10. Existing Clubs

  11. Existing Clubs

  12. Existing Clubs Things to note: • Money from school will NOT roll-over, but anything you get from sponsorship, donations and income will roll-over • Bank account will reset every financial year • You are allowed to collect membership fees, BUT you will need to take a vote within your club as stated in the constitution, quorum must be met, and after the alteration you MUST inform SI and send in the altered document to SI. That is if you have not already stated as such in your constitution.

  13. Weekly Bazaar • Description: It is a weekly event that will occur every Wednesday. It is to serve as a platform for clubs to fund raise together to create a larger impact instead of embarking on a solo event where you may face difficulty in impact and outreach. The start time will be any time after 0000 of the day, and will end at 1900 of the same day. Venue will be the East Terrace. If there are more than the capacity of the venue, a new venue will be opened up for usage (Concourse).

  14. Weekly Bazaar Procedures: • Application forms are to be submitted to the box in the SAC • Forms will be collected at 2pm on Friday, late submissions will mean that your application will only be considered for the following week’s bazaar • You will be notified of your designated locations on Friday itself • On Thursday, you are to surrender all raised funds and the receipt book and the Income Declaration Form to the admin office Finance counter. If you close shop before 5pm on Wednesday, you can also submit the items on the same day. • Receipt books will be checked and return on the spot at the Finance counter at the Student Service Center.

  15. Weekly Bazaar

  16. Weekly Bazaar

  17. Forms

  18. Student Group Start-up Form This can be changed later on These two people will need to go through financial training if they want to use any of the monies in the club New clubs will need a total of 5 members to start, whereas IGs don’t

  19. Budget Form

  20. Budget Form Fill in the sheets in the red shapes. The rest you need not touch. They are auto-fill.

  21. Budget Form What to fill in the form?

  22. Budget Summary Fill these fields. It will be present on all other sheets Note: There are red tabs to guide you on what to fill. If you find yourself not knowing what to fill in the respective fields, find the red tabs to help you.

  23. Budget Details On the Budget Details sheet, you will enter your proposed budget and SUTD Grant you are asking for, prior to pitching results

  24. Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4 On the Q1 sheet, you will enter your given SUTD Grant, as according to pitching results The Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 sheets are for reporting of expenditure and income in the months stated above

  25. Budget Form How to use the form?

  26. Budget Form The drop-down box will allow you to change the classification to allow flexibility in the form.

  27. Budget Form The source of income used to fund this expenditure Change the transaction group or fill in your own by double-clicking on the cell and typing it in. This applies more for the A&E classification where you can type in the name and date/month of your event. When you are going to purchase the item These fields will automatically fill up

  28. Budget Form Not enough space/rows?

  29. Budget Form

  30. Budget Form Still not enough space?

  31. Budget Form Just type in stuff in the Name column, last cell, and it will auto-expand Same goes for the Income table on the left of this table

  32. Budget Form Just type in stuff in the Name column, last cell, and it will auto-expand Same goes for the Income table on the left of this table

  33. Membership Form Supposed year of graduation. If there are changes, refill the form and resubmit. Indicate if not applicable e.g. Associate Members

  34. Members List Try to fit the Exco people at the top few places to make it administratively easier for us This must be the same date as on the Membership Form Fill in ‘NIL’ if the person has not retired. When the person does retire, full in the date as per the format on the left of this column (DD/MM/YY)

  35. Members List Note: Currently there are a total of 60 members you can put in this list. If the list is too short for members and/or advisors, do let us know so that we can change the form If you have more than one advisor, typing into this box will create new rows for more entries. Keep doing this if you require more rows. Currently you can put in a maximum of 5 advisors in total.

  36. Financial Responsibility Form Make sure the years in the RED boxes are for the correct years. Make sure the dates in the BLUE boxes are the same

  37. Guidelines

  38. General This guideline should be made easily available for all members of the club to access. This guideline is to work in tandem with your constitution and should not be conflicting in any aspect. All the guidelines stated are not meant in any way to be exhaustive. Inclusions are allowed, but none of the guidelines are to be removed. If there are any discrepancies by fault on Student Initiatives part, do inform us quickly and we will rectify the problem.

  39. Rights of Club Members and Students This guideline is to highlight what is supposed to be inherent within a person’s right and as a club member. The aim of this guideline is to create a transparent and fair environment within clubs where no one should be taken advantage of.

  40. Rights of Club Members and Students Students are to note that upon monetary transaction of any service or sale with a Student Group, they are to receive a receipt as a token of official recognition and documentation of the transaction. Students reserve the right to not follow through with the transaction should a serialised official receipt not be produced for the transaction, or if the receipt issued is illegible.

  41. Responsibilities of the Exco This guideline is a broad guideline which pertains to the executive committee of the club. This guideline will state the general overarching responsibilities that SI and SL will expect of the Exco of the club on top of the other assigned responsibilities as stated in the constitution.

  42. Responsibilities of the Exco • The Exco of the club is to ensure the existence of the maintenance all records concerning items, some of which includes events, expenditure, income, fundraising, assets, receipt books and membership. Should the need arise to check on these documents, the club must be ready to present them any time. • The Exco is to ensure that safety is taken into consideration on all accounts during club-related activities. It is to also ensure sufficient safety measures and precautions are taken before the commencement of the activity. It is to also ensure that there are protocols in place in case of any emergency that arise, and that the organisers of the activity is ready and prepared to handle the situation. • The President and Treasurer of the club is to ensure that spending with the club’s budget is prudent on all accounts.

  43. Responsibilities of the Exco • The Exco is to ensure that all guidelines, rules and regulations of both the school and Root are adhered to in the operations of the club. • The Exco is to update the advisor of the club on all relevant information that at least pertains to the roles and responsibilities of the advisor. • The Exco is to ensure that all activities conducted by the Club/Society are to be safe, approved by the relevant approving bodies (circumstantial), and law-abiding (be it Singapore’s laws, school/hostel rules, or Root’s guidelines). • The Exco must be clear and informed of these laws/rules/guidelines, or at least know where they can access this information.

  44. Roles and Responsibilities of an Advisor A Club Advisor is to provide assistance and support to the club/society members in some if not all of the following ways and capacities: • Provide guidance within your professional skills and expertise; • Provide advice from a bigger or global perspective; • Ensure that the club members work within the laws and bylaws of the club/society; • Provide guidance on the management of the club; • Refer the members to other sources if it is out of your expertise; • Occasionally oversee the operations of the club and highlight potential issues or concerns.

  45. Roles and Responsibilities of an Advisor Other roles and responsibilities of an Advisor of a Club/Society: • An Advisor to the Club is expected to be a role model to the members abiding by the SUTD Honor Code which is also expected of the members of the club/society; • An Advisor to the Club is to ensure that there is no conflict of interest on their part when providing advice to the Club resulting in personal gain arising from the decisions thus made; • A term as an Advisor to the Club will be for one year, extendable yearly; • An Advisor to the Club is required to write in to the Office of Student Life if they wish to terminate their service as an Advisor of the Club; • An Advisor to the Club’s service may be terminated with a letter from the Office of Student Life if there is evidence of breach of confidence or conduct against them as an Advisor.

  46. Rights of an Advisor This guideline is to highlight what is supposed to be inherent within a person’s right as a club advisor. The aim of this guideline is to create a transparent and fair environment within clubs where no one should be taken advantage of.

  47. Rights of an Advisor An advisor reserves the right to call upon the Club/Society to produce documentations of any sort (balance sheet of all transactions, event proposals, event reports, etc.) for checking at any time.

  48. Usage of Lockers at the SAC This guideline is to detail the terms of use of the lockers at the SAC as given to the Club/Society. This guideline dictates the minimal requirements expected of the Clubs/Societies when using the issued lockers. This guideline is set out to ensure that the privilege of the ownership of a locker issued by Student Initiatives is not abused, for the benefit of the usage of these properties by future generations of Club/Society Members.

  49. Usage of Lockers at the SAC • Any dirty/soiled items shall not be placed in the lockers. They must be cleaned/washed and dried before putting into the locker. • Any sharp objects that could severely damage the lockers are to be padded properly before placing into the locker. • Any heavy objects shall not be placed in the upper lockers. If you require a lower locker, do write in to Student Initiatives. If a mutual exchange has taken place, a representative from both Club/Society’s Exco must verify this agreement. • No raw food shall be placed in the lockers. Any cooked food place in the locker must be sealed in an air tight container.

  50. Usage of Lockers at the SAC • No hazardous material is to be placed in the lockers. Such materials may be allowed on a case by case basis upon approval by Student Initiatives and Student Life. These materials include chemical hazards, fire hazards, electrical hazards, etc. • No permanent alterations to the lockers are to be made. Temporary alterations must not hinder the use of neighbouring lockers. • There shall be no duplications of the keys other than the ones issued.