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Reading Passages

Reading Passages

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Reading Passages

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  1. Reading Passages The following reading passages are used in the final: 1.) “Wild Apples” by Henry David Thoreau 2.) “An April Day” by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow” 3.) “On Woman’s right to the Suffrage” by Susan Brownell Anthony 4.) The Gettysburg Address 5.) “Message to the Senate re: Treaties with Native Americans” by George Washington (SHOULD have been removed since there was only one question)

  2. Satire- biting humor confronting vices and follies What vice is being confronted here? What folly? What is the artist’s political assumption?

  3. Satire and Allusion- Hillary Clinton Topic? Folly? Political Assumption?

  4. Satire in Political Cartoons Topic? Folly? Political Assumption?

  5. Parallel Structure Which sentence has parallel structure? A.) I like to read and writing. B.) I like to read and write. C.) I like to read, to surf, and writing. D.) I like reading, surfing, and to write Write the incorrect sentence in parallel structure using present progressive verbs (-ing)

  6. Appeals What are the four types of persuasive appeals? Appeal to logic or reason Appeal to emotion* Appeal to authority Appeal to ethics Appeal to emotion is sometimes called PATHOS. It’s Greek.

  7. Prefixes What does the prefix bi mean? List three words that start with bi.

  8. Figures of Speech Define the following figures of speech. Similes Metaphors Personification Analogies

  9. Figures of Speech Match the following: 1.) Similes A. applying human traits 2.) Metaphors B. a complex comparison 3.) Personification C. a comparison using like 4.) Analogies* D. a comparison without like/as * Some writers use analogies and metaphors interchangeably.

  10. Political Assumptions Which of the following would Henry David Thoreau agree with? 1.) The Mexican war is necessary for expansion. 2.) Willingly going to prison is an example of civil disobedience. Martin Luther King Jr.’s plight was hopeless.

  11. Vocabulary Define the following: 1.) Unconcerned 2.) enthusiastic 3.) grouchy 4.) smug Now use each word in a sentence.

  12. Inferences Which are examples of “nature’s bounty”? 1.) cars and trucks 2.) fruits and vegetables 3.) wheat and grain 4.) houses and apartments

  13. Define the following: 1.) Cultivate 2.) Palatable 3.) Emulate Use each in a sentence.

  14. Analogies If we plant in the spring, what is done in autumn? 1.) Water 2.) Trim 3.) Harvest 4.) Fertilize

  15. Tone Define the following tone words. Next, label them as having a positive, neutral, or negative connotation. 1.) Uncertainty 2.) Exhilarating 3.) Disbelief 4.) Contentment

  16. Personification Define personification. How can you remember what the word means? Write down an example of personification for a computer. Share with a partner.

  17. Archetype Define archetype. Which of the following would be considered an archetype? (Could be more than one.) 1.) A devil who is green 2.) Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal 3.) A devil who carries a pitchfork 4.) Winter is time for the end of a cycle or death

  18. Vocabulary Define the following words. Use each in a sentence. 1.) Proverb 2.) Sustenance 3.) Eloquent 4.) Hibernation

  19. Romanticism What were some of the beliefs and values of Romanticism? Experience the world with emotion and feelings Nature Imagination over reason/logic Inspiration in myths, legends, or folklore Individual over society Q: Why did Romantic writers have to rely on myths, legends, and folklore as inspiration?

  20. Vocabulary Define the following words. Use each in a sentence or give an example as noted below. 1.) Achieve 2.) Pastoral 3.) Satire- give an example instead of a sentence 4.) Allegory- give an example instead of a sentence 5.) Persuasive- give an example of a piece we’ve read instead of a sentence 6.) Philosophy

  21. Vocabulary Define the following words. Use each in a sentence. 1.) Posterity 2.) Hostile 3.) Union (two definitions) 4.) Discrimination 5.) Hardihood Q: What would your reaction be if someone was hostile towards you?

  22. Purpose Writers write for a purpose. Name a few purposes. To entertain To persuade To teach a moral lesson To give you information

  23. Topic Sentence This gives your paragraphs structure. If you were writing a paragraph on the importance of conserving water, what would your topic sentence be? Write it down and share with a partner.

  24. Thesis or topic Sentence? Emily Dickinson was a recluse for most of her life. Emily Dickinson was a Transcendentalist whose poems were revolutionary and unconventional. Walt Whitman was a wanderer who captured his experiences and emotions in his writings. Walt Whitman held various jobs.

  25. Persuasive writing Would your strongest reason have the least support or the most support in your paper? Explain your response to a partner that you haven’t worked with today. What is a call to action? Give an example for an essay that urges us to recycle at home and school.

  26. Visual Aides When Reading Bulleted list Here Here And here Graph Diagram

  27. Unrelated/ off topic sentences Which sentence in the paragraph is unrelated? 1 We have two dogs. 2 Their names are Louie and Blondie. 3 They are both Chihuahuas and love to play with toys. 4 We got Louie from the shelter. 5 Shelters need your donations in order to thrive. 6We found Blondie by an add in the paper. 7 It’s nice when they meet me at the door when I get home.

  28. Misspelled Words Which of the following words are misspelled? Accounted Acounted Accountted Acountted

  29. Vocabulary Look up the definition of empowered. When do you feel empowered? Look up the definition of camaraderie. Who are your comrades?

  30. Appeals If someone was running for class president, and they came up to you and said, “I just love your shirt! Vote for me next week!” what type of appeal would they be using? Compliments are _________ appeals.

  31. Speeches Match the following types of speeches with the occupation. 1.) Satirical a.) informal 2.) Actress b.) political 3.) Mayor c.) acceptance 4.) Bank manager d.) comedian

  32. Aphorisms When you teach a woman, you teach a family. Good neighbors make good fences. Can YOU think of any others? Share with a partner.

  33. Combining Sentences Combine the following three sentences into one. Christmas is celebrated on December 25. People exchange gifts. Trees are decorated.

  34. Tone Which of the following sentences have a more formal tone? 1.) If your coffee pot leaks, dump out the water and coffee grains and send it to us with your receipt. 2.) Should you experience any problems with your new device, such as leakage, be sure to fully drain the water receptacle and remove any coffee grains from the built-in filter. Please mail it to us via certified mail and include your original receipt. Q: Which WORDS contributed to the formal tone?

  35. Symbols What does liberty mean? Draw a symbol for the definition of liberty.

  36. Vocabulary Finish the sentences to show you know the meaning of the italicized words. 1.) The fireman was honored during the evening because he… 2.) The mother showed she was devoted to her children when she… 3.) Native Americans consecrated the land by dancing and…

  37. Continued… 4.) In order to promote solidarity within our family, every week we… 5.) The doctor was not at all accessible; every time I called his office…

  38. Appeals If a writer gives an example of a fallen hero as a reason to end the war, which appeal is he using? If a writer references our “forefathers” in a piece about democracy, which appeal is he using?

  39. Tone Quick write: Pretend that you went shopping for Christmas. You had an ad that stated a 32” plasma TV was on sale for $199. When you arrived at the store, they said they didn’t know anything about that ad and that the 32” was $399. They stated that it must have been a typo. Write a short letter to headquarters about your problem. Here’s the hard part: maintain a CIVIL and PROFESSIONAL TONE. Don’t worry about form.