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Christie Products – Visual Environments PowerPoint Presentation
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Christie Products – Visual Environments

Christie Products – Visual Environments

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Christie Products – Visual Environments

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  1. TD PROJEC IGITAL Managed Services Training and Development Presents Christie Products – Visual Environments Rev01_221109

  2. Christie Products • Christie Digital Systems is comprised of 4 major “Business Units” • Each Business Unit is responsible for a specific portion of Christie’s products and services. Those Business Units are as follows: • Managed Services • Entertainment Solutions • Business Products • Visual Environments • Throughout this presentation we will be exploring some of the products offered by Visual Environments, and how those products are utilized

  3. Visual Environments

  4. Visual Environments • The Visual Environments division of Christie provides cutting-edge solutions for advanced Virtual Reality and Simulation applications. Some of these applications include: • Control Room • Advanced Visualization • Simulation • MicroTiles (NEW!!)

  5. Visual Environments – Control Room • Visual Environments provides a wide array of products for Control Room applications. Some industries that utilize these products are: • Power and Utilities • Intelligent Traffic Systems • Telecommunications • Public / Emergency Services • Surveillance and Security • Broadcast • Oil and Gas • Defense • Finance

  6. Visual Environments – Control Room • Control Room equipment typically falls into 2 general categories: • Video Wall Display Enclosures / Cubes • Video Wall Controllers • A “video cube” is comprised of 2 primary components. • Enclosure • Projector • Enclosures are available with screens from 50” all the way to 100” diagonal • Supported screen resolutions include XGA, SXGA+ and 1080HD depending on specific enclosure model

  7. Visual Environment – Control Room • Video Cube Projectors fall under 2 primary “series”: • RPMX /RPMSP Series (7 models) for small to mid-size cubes 50” – 84” • DLV Series (4 models) for larger sized cubes 72” – 100” • The Series name denotes the maximum resolution of the cube projector: • RPMX projectors are XGA (1280x1024) • RPMSP projectors are SXGA+ (1400x1050) • The individual model name will identify the specific lamp configuration. • For example: RPMX-D120U utilizes Dual 120W UHP lamps • Some recent models utilize an LED light source instead of a UHP lamp: • RPMSP-LED01 (SXGA+) • RPMWU-LED01 (WUXGA)

  8. Visual Environment – Control Room • The DLV Series of projector was designed to efficiently utilize the larger sized cubes ranging 72” diagonal up to 100” diagonal • 2 basic models of the DLV are available: • DLV1400 is SXGA+ (1400x1050) • DLV1920 is full HD (1920x1080) • The DLV Series of projector is also available with either a 500W xenon lamp or dual (redundant) 200W mercury lamps • -DX (xenon) • -DL (mercury)

  9. RPMSP-D120U

  10. DLV1920-DX

  11. Visual Environment – Control Room • The component that ties the entire video wall together is the Video Processor. These processors are designed to accept multiple video inputs, assemble them and distribute them to the correct displays • Vista Spyder: Advanced video processor unit • Mixes multiple sources in multiple windows • Creates Picture-in-Picture (PIP) windows • Define, Shape and Blend image borders • Supports up to 32 independent windows, 16 mixers or any combination in between • Adapts to widescreen, single and multi-screen applications • Switches inputs from any mode during operation

  12. Vista Spyder

  13. Visual Environment – Control Room • Christie Spyder X-20: Video Processor combined with Switcher • 20 Mega Pixel Bandwidth • Internal Matrix Switching • Integrated Source Monitoring • Universal I/O Capabilities • Built in conversion for analog/digital, interlaced/progressive, resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate • Supports widescreen and single screen destinations within the same unit • Enables unrestricted window and picture-in-picture (PIP) placement • Allows any input to operate as a native high resolution channel, scaled PIP, scaled background or key Channel

  14. Christie Spyder X-20

  15. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • Christie TotalVIEW™ 3D/VR Solutions provide high-performance display solutions for 3D/Virtual Reality applications, advanced visualization and computer modeling in the following markets: • Biotechnology & Life Sciences • Design and Manufacturing • Education & Research • Energy • Entertainment • Government • Homeland Security • Simulation • Virtual prototyping

  16. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • 3D/VR applications can range from bringing perspective to computer-aided design (CAD) drawings/designs, to simulating a real world environment that can be viewed from all angles and experienced in a state of total immersion.  • Spatially immersive displays use multi-sided rooms that you walk into, and an "immersive theater" or "immersive wall" that uses a large flat or curved screen that completely fills your peripheral vision.  • VR can also display real-world objects that cannot normally be seen, such as the shapes of molecules, air and fluid dynamics and weather patterns.

  17. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • The creation of an “Advanced Visualization” environment requires (3) key components: • Projection System • Stereo Video Converter • Advanced Software Tools • The projection is accomplished using the Christie Mirage series of digital projectors.

  18. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • Mirage product line of projectors contains 3 different series: • HD (1920x1080) • WU (1920x1200) • S+ (1400x1050) • Range from 2900 ANSI Lumen to 18,000 ANSI Lumen • All models are 3chip-DLP • All models utilize replaceable xenon lamp module (pre-aligned) • Much like other Christie product lines, the model name contains valuable information about the projector: • Example: S+2K - SXGA+ Resolution / 2000 ANSI Lumen

  19. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • 2 Different “Form Factors” depending on projector brightness High Power (12,000 – 18,000 ANSI Lumen) Low Power (2,900 – 6,600 ANSI Lumen)

  20. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • The PA Converter converts two incoming passive stereo 3D signals to a single active stereo output enabling a high-quality active stereo solution with a Mirage projector • Two analog RGB passive stereo 3D inputs via standard VGA 15-pin connectors • Input resolutions from 640 x 480 (VGA) up to 1280 x 1024 (SXGA) • 24-bit digital processing • Built-in link port to network multiple units

  21. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • Christie Twist™ Edge Blending & Image Warping Solution • Christie Twist™ is an easy-to-use tool to manage complex arrayed projectors that allows users to create seamless images on flat, curved or cylindrical surfaces. • Christie Twist™ is a dedicated, purpose-built hardware and software solution that enables full image warping and advanced edge-blending through the control of a Graphic User Interface.  • By manipulating geometry and blending, this tool allows pixels to be mapped to virtually any projection surface with proper geometry and perfect pixel-to-pixel alignment.

  22. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • Christie AutoCal™ • As part of Christie’s TrueIMAGE Integrated Tools, our automatic display system calibration can calibrate almost any arrayed projection display, from flat to cylindrical to spherical, and adjust it to its original optimized viewing configuration. • A checkbox interface makes interaction user-friendly, allowing users to re-calibrate both geometry and blending • The display calibration solution offers reduced location resource requirements and increased customer independence in terms of maintaining your multi-projector displays.

  23. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • Advanced Color™ • Christie Advanced Color™ uses an automatically guided process that enables advanced color matching regardless of the complexity of the display.  • Using a precision light meter, multiple measurements of each projector are taken and fed directly into the computer for an accurate measurement of the actual output of the display.  The computer performs the calculations and places the color mapping information on the projectors – that information stays on the projector until you choose to re-tweak the system.

  24. Visual Environments – Advanced Visualization • Christie MotoBlend™ • Motorized optical blending helps maximize system contrast and optimize dark scene performance in advanced applications. • Designed for use in static or motion platform applications, Christie’s optical blend solution is engaged or disengaged depending on the intensity of the image.

  25. Visual Environments - Simulation Marine Training Facility – Bridge Simulator

  26. Visual Environments - Simulation • Christie provides cutting-edge visual display solutions for simulation and computer modeling for the following applications: • Flight simulation • Ship-bridge simulation • Vehicle simulation • Homeland security • Training simulation • Medical simulation

  27. Visual Environments - Simulation • The challenge – no single projector is close to having enough resolution to accomplish this task. The only way to accomplish eye-limiting resolution is to deploy an array of projectors. • Christie provides high-performance “real world” visual display solutions for these simulations. • Factors such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color and brightness uniformity, and latency are key criteria that must be addressed when designing simulation display solutions.

  28. Visual Environments - Simulation • Advanced Simulation solutions are created using the Christie Matrix line of digital projectors • The Matrix product line contains 3 primary projector series: • HD (1920x1080) • WU (1920x1200) • S+ (1400x1050) • Combination of 1chip and 3chip DLP projectors • Utilize field-replaceable xenon lamp modules (except Matrix STiM) • Christie Matrix STiM projector utilizes a solid-state LED illumination source

  29. Visual Environments - Simulation • Christie AccuFrame • The unique advanced electronics in all 3-chip Matrix Series projectors come standard with AccuFrame to accurately display high speed simulation content for the most true-to-life displays. • Developed specifically for the simulation market, it's able to nullify image artifacts • enables the removal of any perceived “double imaging” of content due to image frame perception in the eye. • offers accurate frame display for Non-CRT projectors for use in fast simulation environments • Fully adjustable to support various frame rates and environments

  30. Visual Environments - Simulation • Christie TrueIMAGE integration solutions • Factors such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color and brightness uniformity, and latency are key criteria that must be addressed when designing advanced visualization displays. Christie TrueIMAGE integration solutions offer: • AutoCAL – Automatic Display Calibration • Advanced Color – Enables advanced color matching • MotoBlend – Ensure dark scene content is evenly displayed • Christie Twist – Provides enhance warping and blending of displays

  31. Visual Environments - MicroTiles

  32. Visual Environments - MicroTiles • Christie MicroTiles are a new development in the world of video cubes. Each MicroTile is approximately 16”x12”. This allows a greater number of configuration possibilities. • Combines DLP and LED technology to create powerful but compact displays • Modular “building block” design • No practical limit to the number of tiles in a display • Rear projection modules can be scaled to any size, shape and orientation • RF remote control can be used to navigate menu commands on the OSD from up to 100m (328ft) away • Connect a PC or other media player using single-link DVI

  33. TIPM (10-Bit Image Processing Module)

  34. Ten Bit Image Processor • Max image size is 2048x1536. Support for: • HDTV (1080i) • SXGA+ (1400x1050) • DC2K (2048x1080) • Mirage - 3D Frame Rates with scaling up to SXGA+ @115Hz • Vertical Keystone, +/- 8° • 10 bit processing and high quality de-interlacing for SDTV and HDTV

  35. Ten Bit Image Processor • Comprehensive Color Adjustment • Color control by X, Y or Saturation • Replaces color temperature and primary color adjustments (much easier to use) • Picture-in-Picture and Seamless Switching • Two hot-swappable option card slots (3-chip) • Built-in DVI-I port (supports both analog and digital data inputs) • HDCP compatible • 100Mbps Ethernet port for status and control

  36. Ten Bit Image Processor • Increased the amount of Internal Test Patterns • Video Decoder is built-in • 2 IR Sensors / IR remote with detachable wiring harness • KoRE Librarian Software Interface (SW upgrades, RTE, testing) • Stereo 3D support is through a wiring harness attached to GPIO • Single Chip & Three Chip TIPM versions (not interchangeable)

  37. KoRE Librarian • KoRE Librarian • A comprehensive software program this is used for all major administrative functions with in the “non-cinema” projector lineup: • Software Upgrades • Sending Commands • Configuration / Setup • Diagnostics • Programming RTE’s • Real Time Events • Programmed Auto-Off, etc

  38. TD PROJEC IGITAL Managed Services Training and Development Thank you for watching! If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us at Music: Kevin MacLeod