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Sports Betting

Sports Betting

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Sports Betting

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  1. Sports Betting Investment Tool Nick Young

  2. Sports Betting is.… • Predicting Sports Results • Placing a wager on the outcome • Form of gambling(high risk)

  3. Betting on Sports • Sports betting is illegal through0ut most of the United States and most common in Nevada. • Experts estimate a “handle” of more than $200 billion annually.

  4. Investors • Investors are usually people who are prepared to take high risk for financial gains since betting is illegal and an unstable form of income. • Economic climate-Betting is done mostly in Nevada, The Sin City. The economic climate is usually when the economy is good and people are not losing their house, or when the government’s not shutting down.

  5. Interest Calculator • Interest=Principal x interest rate x time • You can make money from sports betting by making decisions early on who to bet on • (increases interest---increases risk). • For example, betting on the Giants today vs. betting on the Giants when they make the SuperBowl would have a huge difference in interest. People who tend to bet early, while increasing risk, will in the end have more interest added to their account.

  6. Sport Betting Places • 2 huge contributors to sports betting include the NFL’s Fantasy Football League and BovadaSportsbook ( a sports betting website for just about all sports)

  7. There are many systems of Sports Betting • There is usually a price set at a starting pool that the investor must pay upfront to enter into the competition of betting. • The money is taken from each investor and placed in a pool. The amount of winners is different in each type of system.

  8. Example of Sports Betting Polls • People choose to bet on Football and try to predict who wins and how much they win by. The graph shows the chances of actually getting the point spread correct. • The Probability of getting it right is very slim, which is why betting is very high risk.

  9. Risk • Risk is a huge factor in betting. • You have to take into account the state of the economy, your income, and how much you can risk. • When betting money you can either have big gains or big losses. There is no middle. The risk is very high

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