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Today’s Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Today’s Agenda

Today’s Agenda

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Today’s Agenda

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  1. Today’s Agenda • Kickoff: Other than the Olympics, how could the population of a civilization so separated by its geography relate to one another? (Hint Hint – how did the ARVCs come together?) • Introduction to Mythology PowerPoint – Whole Class Benchmark • Mythology in Popular Expressions – Paired Activity • Use time wisely!!! Follow Directions • If time – Read out groupings for Mythology IRLA & SS Project and Explain Project • **Be sure to Update T.O.C.**

  2. Greek Mythology An Introduction

  3. What is Greek Mythology? • Greek Mythology is a collection of myths and legends that Greeks use to explain their world (Explaining in the unexplainable) • Although these stories are now viewed as fiction, the ancient Greeks believed them to be true

  4. The Greeks & Their Beliefs • The Greeks were a tough, restless, ambitious, hard-living, and imaginative race • They loved life! • They believed in living life to the fullest, because they understood that death was going to happen whether you wanted it to or not • Their response to death? Make your mark in life. Be a legend. Be a hero.

  5. The Greeks & Their Beliefs • The Greeks has many gods • The Olympian gods resembled the Greeks need to be legendary • God’s were not perfect. They were flawed like “regular” humans • In many cases, the gods were vengeful, jealous, and unforgiving. • Despite character flaws, the gods were displayed as strong and beautiful • The same traits, both good and bad, apply to the characters in their myths

  6. Mythology and Art • Mythology heavily influenced art, and that continues today

  7. Modern Expressions? • We get many of our modern phrases from mythology. “He holds the weight of the world on his shoulders” • What might this mean?

  8. The Story of Atlas • The Olympian gods and the Titans were fighting. Atlas sided with the Titans. When they lost, Zeus forced Atlas to stand at the western edge of earth and hold up the sky on his shoulders.

  9. Your Task • There are 7 stations around the room. • Each station goes with a common, modern-day expression • You and a partner will have 30 minutes, using your activity sheet, to match each expression with its station • At the station, there will be art, a myth, and a common situation that relate to 1 of the expressions • Follow all directions on the sheet. Complete as many as possible in the time limit!