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Face ID vs Touch ID PowerPoint Presentation
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Face ID vs Touch ID

Face ID vs Touch ID

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Face ID vs Touch ID

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  1. Face ID vs Touch ID

  2.  In 2013, Apple introduced iPhone 5S with a new finger print recognition system –Touch ID. Apple subsequently made Touch ID available on iPad Air 2 in 2015.  Hence, all iPhone launched model since 2013 and all iPad models launched since 2015 feature Touch ID. Touch ID is designed to scan, read, and recognize fingerprint through a fingerprint sensor embedded into the Home button.  While using his iPhone or iPad, a user can take advantage of Touch ID to unlock his device, authenticate Apple Pay payments, and purchase digital content simply by touching the home button.

  3.  He even has option to an option to bypass the passcode authentication system of his iOS device’s lock screen. But Apple recently released iOS 11.1 and iPhone X and without Touch ID.  IPhone X comes with a new and exclusive facial recognition system – Face ID. Apple has designed Face ID as a smarter and more secure alternative to Touch ID.  The facial recognition system takes advantage of iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system to capture all features of a user’s face. It even uses machine learning algorithm to identify the changes in a user’s appearance.

  4.  However, neither Touch ID nor Face ID makes passcodes obsolete. A user can still use the Touch ID or Face ID to unlock his iOS device by bypassing its passcode authentication system.  Many analysts believe that Apple will gradually make Face ID available on various models of iPhone and iPad. Hence, users will soon have two distinct authentication options to keep their iOS devices secure.  There are also chances that several hardware manufacturers may build Android devices with facial recognition systems. Hence, it becomes essential for both users and app developers to understand the major differences between Face ID vs Touch ID.

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