fracture of fibula and tibia n.
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Fracture of fibula and tibia PowerPoint Presentation
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Fracture of fibula and tibia

Fracture of fibula and tibia

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Fracture of fibula and tibia

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  1. Fracture of fibula and tibia By: Ola Wahbi Jinan Shammou

  2. Objects Definition Type Classifications Causes Symptoms Diagnoses Treatment Complication

  3. Case An 18-year-old boy was playing Rollerblader, he fell down of the handrail stairs, injuring his left leg. He couldn’t stand because the pain was so intense. The calf was swollen and tender, and the x-ray showed a minimally displaced mid-shaft tib-fib fracture.. After finding the fracture we placed him in a cast, gave him crutches and pain medications, and sent him home.

  4. Definition A fracture of the tibia :- - fracture can occur anywhere between the knee and ankle. -The tibia is the most commonly fractured long bone. -Only the tibia bears weight, but fracture of the tibia is often associated with fracture of the fibula because force is transmitted via the interosseous membrane that connects the two bones.

  5. Types of Bone fractures 1-Green sticks fracture :- Occur in kids because their bones are very soft . The injured area will swollen and either red or bruised 2- spiral fracture :- It happens while twisting the leg. Causes:- sport injury , falling down the stairs. On the X-ray the fracture will have key shape.

  6. Cont. 3-comminuted fracture:- Occur in old people. People with condition with weaken the bon osteogenesisimprerfecta , cancer It happens in car accident , sever fall . 4-Compound fracture :- Open fracture. It occur when there is rupture of the skin. It might happen infection because the wound is big and open. In this case we do surgery.

  7. Classification Grades of severity • Minor • moderate • major Features • Undisplaced • Not angulated • Minor comminution • Minor open fracture • Total displacement • Small degree of comminution • Minor open wound • Complete displacement • Major comminution • Major open fracture

  8. Causes

  9. Broken Fibula and tibia Symptoms -pain in the lower leg that worsens with movement -Numbness or weakness felt in the leg -Swelling at the site of the fracture and surrounding areas -Tenderness at the site of the injury -Deformity of the lower leg at the site of the fracture -Occasional loss of feeling in the foot

  10. Diagnoses History. Physical examination Test: we can use X-ray

  11. Nonsurgical treatment Surgical treatment Treatment

  12. 1-Nonsurgical Treatment:- Nonsurgical treatment may be recommended for patients who Have closed fractures with only two major bone fragments and little displacement (gap). e.g.:- Cast and functional brace

  13. 2-surgical treatment Compound or displaced fractures may require:- external fixation devices. internal fixation (ORIF) with pins, plates, screws.

  14. COMPLICATIONS. • LATE • Malunion ( osteotomy ) • bone grafting • rigid internal fixation with compression plating and bone grafting • Joint stiffness. • Regional pain syndrome. • Muscle atrophy. • EARLY : • Infection. • Vascular injury. • Compartment syndrome.

  15. Muscle atrophy Regional pain syndrome

  16. References

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