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Freedom Trail

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Freedom Trail

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Freedom Trail

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  1. Freedom Trail

  2. Paul Revere is best know for his ride around Boston warning people that the red coats were coming. He wasn’t the only rider though. Do you remember his partner? Revere was married twice. He had eight kids with his second wife, but only five survived past childhood. He eventually sold his house. This house was used as shops, a tenement, and was finally restored to its original condition in 1908. It remains the oldest building in downtown Boston.

  3. This statue was sculpted by Cyrus Dallin in 1885. It is behind the Old North Curch

  4. The Old North Church is Boston’s oldest religious structure. John Pitcairn lit the lanterns to warn of the red coats. He was killed in the battle of Bunker Hill. He was carried by his own son to the boats after being wounded and died later that day.

  5. Inside the Old North Church

  6. Bunker Hill monument(6,700 tons, 221 ft. high, and 30 feet wide) was built between 1825-1843. It is the site of the bloody “American Battle of Marathon”. British loses: 2,600 total British soldiers 504 killed 580 wounded Patriots loses: 140 killed 271 wounded 30 captured

  7. Faneuil Hall is surrounded by a market place. Several gathering took place here. One outcome of these gatherings was the Boston Tea Party. Also the 1764 Sugar Act and 1765 Stamp Act were protested. Faneuil Hall

  8. Massacre was started when someone in the crowd yelled “Fire” and the British opened fire upon the crowd. Marked the beginning of the American Independence. Site of the Boston Massacre In front of the Old State House

  9. Ben Franklin’s monument.

  10. Monument honoring Franklin’s parents.

  11. Paul Revere’s grave found in Granary Burying Ground. Rode to warn Hancock of the red coats approach.

  12. John Hancock’s monument erected in 1895 for his role in the fight for independence. Also found in Granary Burying Ground.

  13. James Otis marker found in Granary Burying Ground. Great orator. We will study his speech in Johnny Tremain. He was wounded in 1769 in a tavern brawl. He was mentally impaired and sat out the rest of the war he had inspired. He was killed by lightning in 1783.