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  1. Matrix... (Chambers UK 2012)

  2. Administrative & Public Law MATRIX HAS: • “...[an] impressive reputation in the public law market due to its commitment to client service and its legion of highly skilled and creative silks and juniors.” • “...[an] excellent reputation for its civil liberties and straight judicial review work.” AT MATRIX: • “...all the barristers are happy to pool their knowledge and work together to investigate new areas of the law.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Ben Emmerson QC, Tim Owen QC, Raza Husain QC, Helen Mountfield QC, Clare Montgomery QC, Alex Bailin QC, Aidan O’Neill QC, Sam Grodzinski QC, David Wolfe, Daniel Squires, Danny Friedman, Nicholas Armstrong, Tessa Hetherington, Adam Sandell

  3. Civil Liberties & Human Rights Law • MATRIX HAS: • “...a fine selection of top practitioners who really understands how civil liberties cases are put together.” • MATRIX IS: • “...praised not just for their knowledge of the law but also for their approachability and “willingness to push the boundaries of the law.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Ben Emmerson QC, Tim Owen QC, Raza Husain QC, Julian Knowles QC, Sam Grodzinski QC, Alex Bailin QC, Helen Mountfield QC, Clare Montgomery QC, Karon Monaghan QC, Aidan O’Neill QC, Danny Friedman, David Wolfe, Alison Macdonald, Jessica Simor, Samantha Knights, Tessa Hetherington, Elizabeth Prochaska, Adam Sandell

  4. Competition/European Law MATRIX HAS: • “...a fine reputation as one of the first sets to fully appreciate the expanding nature of EU law.” • “...a regular feature on a vast variety of competition and EU matters.” • “...barristers who are some of the best in the business for this type of work.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Rhodri Thompson QC, Christopher Brown, Jessica Simor

  5. Crime Law MATRIX HAS: • “...a highly personalised service with specialist knowledge as they come to criminal law with a background in handling human rights issues.” • “...quality barristers from top to bottom and fantastic clerks who know how to please solicitors.” MATRIX IS: • “...highly skilled at cases with EU law aspects and further scores well on extradition matters.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Clare Montgomery QC (Crime QC of the year), 2011, Ben Emmerson QC, Tim Owen QC, Julian Knowles QC, Mark Summers

  6. Defamation/Privacy Law MATRIX IS: • “...a compact, expert group of media barristers” • “...especially well known for its privacy work and enjoys a further particular specialism with regards to libels appearing on websites and blogs.” • “You go to them for their judgement, and the candid approach they take – they tell you when you’ve got something wrong.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Hugh Tomlinson QC (Defamation/Privacy QC of the year), Antony White QC, Lorna Skinner, Sara Mansoori

  7. Education Law MATRIX IS: • “ to draw upon uncommon knowledge when advising on education matters.” • “...always willing to help” and “excellent at keeping in contact.” MATRIX HAS: • “...vastly experienced and committed barristers.” • Leading silks and juniors: • Helen Mountfield QC, Sam Godzinski QC, Daniel Squires, David Wolfe, Nicholas Armstrong, Matthew Purchase

  8. Employment Law MATRIX HAS • “...individuals of high quality who tend to appear in more employment matters.” • “...some of the most intellectually robust individuals in the field, they are often to be seen in reported cases.” MATRIX IS: • “...very good at the more difficult points of law.” • “...particularly good at those cases that have both and employment and a public law angle to them.” • “[Matrix] offers a niche employment expertise.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Thomas Linden QC (Employment QC of the year, 2011), Karon Monaghan QC, Anthony White QC, Helen Mountfield QC, Thomas Kibling, James Laddie, Mark Afeeva, Claire Darwin, Matthew Purchase, Laura Prince

  9. Immigration Law MATRIX IS: • “...[a] civil liberties powerhouse [that] fields a strong and committed immigration team.” MATRIX HAS: • “...a great legal research team who can unpick the more esoteric aspects of the law.” • “...phenomenal level of support.” • Leading silks and juniors: • Raza Husain QC, Nicholas Armstrong, Samantha Knights

  10. International Law MATRIX IS: • “...widely agreed to be amongst the leading PIL sets.” MATRIX HAS: • “...[a] long established reputation in human rights work.” • “ excellent understanding of international trade and foreign investment issues.” • Leading silks and juniors: • Anthony White QC, Philippe Sands QC, Zachary Douglas (International Arbitration junior of the year, 2011), James Crawford, Alison Macdonald

  11. POCA Work & Asset Forfeiture MATRIX HAS: • “...some of the finest minds at the bar.” • “The bulk of this set’s confiscation work spins of its thriving high stakes criminal fraud prosecutions practice.” • “These individuals are well supported by substantial team of clerks.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Tim Owen QC, Andrew Bodnar

  12. Police Law MATRIX IS: • “...a powerful presence in the claimant police law sphere.” • “...commended for the breadth of its coverage.” • “ to combine high calibre expertise from within its: criminal, prison law and human rights teams.” • Notable silks and juniors: • Tim Owen QC, Matthew Ryder QC, Hugh Tomlinson QC, James Laddie, Alison Macdonald, Helen Law