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The Question Matrix Q Matrix PowerPoint Presentation
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The Question Matrix Q Matrix

The Question Matrix Q Matrix

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The Question Matrix Q Matrix

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    1. The Question Matrix Q Matrix P/J Methods EDUC 4454

    2. Q Matrix a user-friendly adaptation of Blooms Taxonomy allows you to construct questions based on the word pairs within a matrix arranged in a hierarchy that considers Blooms Taxonomy

    3. To use Q Matrix: 1. Identify the level of thinking you wish your question to elicit and select word pairs to match your instructional focus knowledge word pairs upper left portion of matrix evaluation word pairs lower right As you move in any direction from the What is? you are moving toward questions which require more in-depth thinking

    4. 2. Choose any word pair -use this word pair as the first two words in your question followed by the appropriate content. Example: Which might Which might be the best way to solve this problem? OR -embed the words in your question Example: Of all the solutions weve discussed, which do you do feel might provide the best solution to this problem?

    5. 3. The horizontal items represent the subject of the question (event, situation, choice, person, reason, means) 4. The vertical items represent the process (present, past, possibility, probability, prediction, imagination)

    6. Quadrants: I Asks for facts II Asks for comparisons, explanations, examples III Asks for predictions and possibilities IV Asks for speculations, probabilities and evaluation

    7. Q Matrix Work with a partner. Randomly select 5 word pairs from different parts of the matrix. Centre all of your questions on fall leaves. Example: What are the colour of fall leaves? What might happen if trees never lost their leaves?

    8. Strategies for Using Q Matrix. Post it so that you can see it to help prompt your questions during lessons. Use it at your Guided Reading Centre to help you improve the level of questions you use during guided reading. Use it to develop centre activities Post it for your students to use.