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The Matrix

The Matrix. Baris Bruce Danielle Jasmine Lily Maria. Outline. Introduction Dichotomy Blurring Boundaries of Virtual Reality and Reality Blurring Boundaries of Human and Machine Matrix and Zion Conflict Myth Conclusion. What is Matrix. Obsolete -The womb ( 子宮 )

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The Matrix

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  1. The Matrix Baris Bruce Danielle Jasmine Lily Maria

  2. Outline • Introduction • Dichotomy • Blurring Boundaries of Virtual Reality and Reality • Blurring Boundaries of Human and Machine • Matrix and Zion Conflict Myth • Conclusion

  3. What is Matrix • Obsolete-The womb (子宮) • Biology-A material in which specialized structures are embedded (母體) • Formal Use-The environment or context in which society or culture develops

  4. Mathematics-A rectangular arrangement of numbers used to solve Mathematical problems(矩陣) • Computing-A two-dimensional array (數組 陣列) The Matrix (The film) A dream world created by AI A neural-interactive simulation Set in the late 20th Century

  5. Human gave birth to Artificial Intelligence • War between Human and AI • Matrix took over and use • Human beings as energy source • First Design-The Perfect World (Utopia)-Failure Human Begins define reality by misery and pain Matrix Mock-Motherhood

  6. Dichotomy • Matrix vs. Zion • Virtual Reality vs. Reality • Capitalism vs. Communism • Technology vs. Human Nature • Re-enchantment vs. Disenchantment

  7. Breaking Boundary of Human & Machine (1) • Anti-birth • Mock motherhood • Human beings grown on the field, not in the womb • Nurtured in tubes • Man as recycle • Born • Deplug (Unplug) • Through the tube • Fake vagina

  8. Breaking Boundary of Human & Machine (2) • Battery • Sensational not trustful • Lost the natural function as a human being • A part of the recycle

  9. Control (1) • Social surveillance (overall) • Technology • Bug • Physical control • Mouth • Monitor/ watching • Cube (Buildings)

  10. Control (2) Levels of surveillance • Boss – Authority • Gatekeepers (Agent) • Firewalls in computer system • The police • Office • Glass windows • Partitions • Computer

  11. Control (3) • Telephone • Travel through telephone • Overhearing • Tapped

  12. II. Blurring/Breaking Boundary of Virtual world and Reality

  13. Minority Report and Matrix • Minority Report (interface the technology)v.s. Matrix (contagions/ overtaking reality) In matrix- breaking/blurring boundary *Part of the whole thing(virtual world) *Human beings are in Matrix

  14. Human beings still have power in controlling the machine. Interface the boundary between reality and virtual world.

  15. a.Deception of senses

  16. b.Simulation- Jean Baudrillard • Subject in the world (human beings) and object (artificial things/ simulacrum擬仿物 ) ---> (simulacrum-->stimulation) -object has replaced the subject(the position of human beings) “物”既非動物也非植物,但是它給人一種大量繁衍與熱帶叢林的感覺。這種由人而產生的動植物,像可惡的科幻小說中場景一樣,反過來包圍人為困人

  17. 4 levels of the image • 1. Image/sign reflects the reality -good appearance/ e.g.忠實再現真實 • 2.Image/sign conceals and distorts the reality-evil appearance (e.g.convey stereotype) • 3.signs which dissimulate(掩飾) that there is nothing (god-ritual)4. Signs have nothing to do with reality (Matrix) - the split of signifier/signified/ the reality/ the virtual world 影像具有生命可獨立存在(the order of simulation)

  18. Simulation might be a mutated image (突變的影像). 雖然影像在真與假之間有所區隔,因而仍在一種再現(representation)的問題意識下操作著,擬像(simulation)卻使所有真與假的區分發生短路(Abbas, 1990:2)

  19. 迪士尼之為擬像,不僅在於它複製於無,更在於它劃出一個虛擬區域,讓人相信孩童化只存在於這人工樂園,掩飾在此以外其實洛杉磯以至美國就是迪士尼本身,以及整個世界也在全面幼稚化的事實。一如監獄,監獄讓人相信在此以外自由的存在,掩飾其實整個社會也是一座監獄的事實。迪士尼之為擬像,不僅在於它複製於無,更在於它劃出一個虛擬區域,讓人相信孩童化只存在於這人工樂園,掩飾在此以外其實洛杉磯以至美國就是迪士尼本身,以及整個世界也在全面幼稚化的事實。一如監獄,監獄讓人相信在此以外自由的存在,掩飾其實整個社會也是一座監獄的事實。

  20. c. Hyper reality

  21. Hyper reality • 真實的虛構化(film, images..)--> 虛構的真實化(simulation) *Jean Baudrillard--> symbol/signs had already dispelled the reality, and eventually replaced the reality.

  22. *The world had been occupied by floating signifiers. The boundary of illusion and reality has been gone. • Morpheus- the real is simply electrical signals interpreted by brains

  23. d. Symbol of Mirror/ TV • Mirror- the reflection self and real self which one is real ? Or both of them ?

  24. Mirror- experience the “breaking” boundary between virtual world and real world.

  25. TV- Framework(self-reflexivity ) The world exists in TV stimulation and the real world.

  26. (blurring boundary- but this real world is also just a fragmental information of their program).

  27. Communism/ Communist Society united system—centralize resources underground, caves Food—share Clothes—no rank Capitalism/ Consumerism distinct social level: fierce competition buildings, cubes: corkscrew support capitalism commodities: FedEx, cell phones...etc Zion vs. Matrix

  28. Myth (Mythology) • What is Zion: Mythical origin protect Magdalena (motherhood) • Underground,warm,darknesswomb • Contrast to mock-motherhood(Matrix) • The human beings maternal society, feminine image

  29. Symbol of Names • Morpheus god of dream • Neo new,one • Trinityunity,harmonious balance • Cypher”0”resistant power to one (computer language:”0”,”1”)

  30. Trinity Previous Life (Father) Neo Faith (Son) (Holy Spirit)

  31. Zion: Symbol of motherhood Worship of female conception Matriarchal system Protection for true humans, last origin for all that’s natural Matrix: Mock-motherhood Existence of Matrix= deprivation of female function Patriarchal system Uses Matrix as a way to control humans Zion vs. Matrix Patriarchal system creates mock-motherhood to eliminate threat from matriarchal system

  32. Resolution of the conflict • Trinity (importance as female, lover) • Love →return to human instincts, passion • Rebirth of Neo • Revival of human nature to fight against the artificial • Human survival as theme of sci-fi

  33. 2 Myths • Zion: mythical presentation • American heroism myth

  34. Mythical presentation of Zion • Mythical allusion/ biblical allusion • Symbolic language • Ambiguity →the one, the savior, reincarnation, oracle, Zion

  35. Mythical presentation of Zion (cont.) • Dual quality of the resistance from reality • Zion vs. Matrix=Mythical story vs. Matrix →irony: where/ what is the reality???

  36. American heroism myth • White centered myth, savior of all mankind • Hollywood, American heroism

  37. Conclusion • disenchantment vs. re-enchantment -- this movie  disenchantment -- real life  re-enchantment -- man plays the role of God

  38. Conclusion a. Free will no free will in this movie -- red pill and blue pill

  39. Conclusion • No free will -- Morpheus, “I did what I did because I had to”. b. you only choose when you have options

  40. Conclusion c. Neo at the phone booth “[…] A world without rules and controls, without borders and boundaries. A world where everything is possible. Where we go from there…is a choice I leave to you”.

  41. References • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Matrix

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