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5-31 Ideas

Chunyan Shao (Shandong University). 5-31 Ideas. What should we do to ameliorate the tense relationship between doctors and patients?. Sample.

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5-31 Ideas

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  1. ChunyanShao (Shandong University) 5-31 Ideas

  2. What should we do to ameliorate the tense relationship between doctors and patients?

  3. Sample • As there are more and more reports of the intense conflicts in hospitals, the worsening relationship between doctors and patients has increasingly attracted people’s attention. To maintain a better relationship is of great importance to both doctors and patients. Therefore, we need to figure out ways to help them get along better with each other.

  4. For one thing, we should direct patients and their families into a more objective attitude towards diseases. The main reason that patients clash with doctors is that patients cannot accept the failure of treatment. For instance, they believe that once in hospital, whatever diseases they have will be absolutely cured. Therefore, when neither operation nor medication can help them recover, they will blame the doctors for their incapability. However, all diseases have two possibilities: either they conquer, or they are conquered. Unfortunately, both patients and their families ignore the first possibility. That is why when doctors fail to save the patients, their family will be angry at the hospital or doctors and will sue them. If we could educate patients and their families and help them realize the other possibility, they would know failure is also a natural result and will not attribute the death of their relatives to doctors.

  5. For another, basic trust should be reestablished between doctors and patients. The key problem of the deteriorating relationship lies in the distrust. For example, patients have no confidence in doctors because they believe that doctors care more about making money than curing diseases. Also doctors are suspicious of patients because they think patients always find fault with their treatment. Based on such a distrust, doctors always tend to give more priority to avoiding mistakes than treating the patients and patients aim at finding doctors’ mistakes rather than cooperating with doctors. However, if both doctors and patients trust each other in their effort to fight the disease, a normal doctor-patient relationship between them can be established and this will help them better their relationship.

  6. Next, the media should be more responsible. Most of people’s impression of hospitals or doctors come from the report from different media. However, in order to increase their popularity and cater to the interest of the public, media tend to expose only the negative side of both hospitals and doctors, which misleads the mass into the belief that both the institution and the medical staff are evil and only profit-oriented. This is very damaging to the image of hospitals and doctors. If media could be more objective and detached in their report, the public will not hold such negative view towards hospitals and doctors.

  7. What is more, doctors’ morality should be enhanced. It is true that there are such irresponsible doctors who are careless in treating patients, have little sympathy with the suffering and prescribe the more expensive instead of the most effective medicine. Confronting such physicians, it is understandable that patients are outraged and do not trust them. If every doctor takes his job seriously and be more considerate and show the spirit of humanity, patients will regain their respect for doctors, and the relationship can be improved.

  8. Finally, government should help set up insurance system with a wider coverage.The fact that many patients cannot afford the high medical expense is another reason for the conflict between doctors and patients. Sometimes, hospitals will refuse to treat the patient if they fail to pay the bills, and patients will go to extremes to attack the doctor if they are rejected. This will only result in the shedding of blood or even death of innocent people. If every patient is adequately insured and does not have to worry about the bills, they will receive sufficient and timely treatment, and the conflict will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the worsening relationship between doctors and patients will be remedied.

  9. In conclusion, it is a fact that there is an abnormal relationship between doctors and patients. However, with adequate direct, enough education of both patients and doctors, responsible report and sufficient insurance, the conflict between them will decrease and the relationship can be bettered.

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