congregational prayer for asylum seekers august 2013 n.
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Congregational Prayer for Asylum Seekers August 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Congregational Prayer for Asylum Seekers August 2013

Congregational Prayer for Asylum Seekers August 2013

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Congregational Prayer for Asylum Seekers August 2013

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  1. Congregational Prayer for Asylum Seekers August 2013

  2. Our Father… We acknowledge that you are OUR loving parent, the One who loves all humankind equally. You are saddened when you see how selfish your children can be.

  3. May your name be lifted as holy... We acknowledge that your holiness is in marked contrast to our unworthiness. We are sorry that we sing loud songs of adoration in one breath - and then fail to use those same voices to protest the poor treatment of others.

  4. May your Kingdom come, here on earth... It's what you want. We say it is what we want. Yet we fail to see that unless we treat all people with dignity; welcome the stranger, the asylum seeker, and stand up for the marginalized, then earth does not resemble heaven. Every time a stranger is refused hospitality, earth looks a little less like heaven.

  5. Give us today our bread... That sounds so selfish, when people on boats put their lives on the line, with little bread or water. And then have to endure living conditions that are untenable. As individuals, and as a nation, we constantly put our own needs before others, unworthily protecting all that we claim is ours - our land, our culture, our wealth.

  6. Forgive our sins... May our political and church leaders humbly listen to what you have to say. Please help politicians on both sides of government be prepared to forget votes and look to a better solution. And may church leaders of all denominations be courageous enough to speak out for justice and mercy.

  7. Yours is the Kingdom... We pledge to work with you, regardless of personal cost, to establish the Kingdom here on earth. Amen Prayer composed by Major Cilla Bone for Congregational use in August 2013