expressing an invitation offer n.
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Expressing an invitation/offer PowerPoint Presentation
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Expressing an invitation/offer

Expressing an invitation/offer

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Expressing an invitation/offer

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  1. Expressing an invitation/offer Digunakan untuk mengungkapkan undangan atau tawaran kepada orang lain dalam berbagai situasi seperti undangan/tawaran makan/minum, atau undangan mengajak melakukan sesuatu kerjasama seperti nonton, piknik, olah raga dan lain sebagainya. UN ‘06

  2. Expressing invitation/offerwould you like to……?I’d like to invite you to….?Why don’t we……?Won’t we….?How about…?Let’s go to…?I wonder if you like to…?I was wondering if you’d like to…? Accept an invitation/offerThanks you, I’d love tothat would love to yes, I’d like to very muchI’d he happy to acceptwhat a great idea. Of course.O.Kall rightsounds great UN ‘06

  3. Refusing an invitationI'm awfully sorry, but I’ve another planI wish I could, but…I’d love to, but …I’d really like to, but…well that’s very kind of you, but I' am afraidI can’t manage itI’m sorry, but I have to…thanks any way, but… UN ‘06

  4. Contoh 1. Sri : hello wati, are you doing anything this evening. wati : I don’t thing so. Why sri : well I' am thanking of going to the cinema. Would you like tocome? wati : what a good idea. Thanks, I’dlove to. UN ‘06

  5. 2. Rudy : I was wondering if you like toplay tennis with me tomorrowafternoon. Irma : I’d like to very much, but I’mafraid I can’t manage tomorrowmorning. UN ‘06

  6. 3. Iman : listen. We’re just going round the corner for a drink. Won’tyou joint us. Lidya : well, I’d like to, but I’m not sureI have time. Iman : oh, come one! Just a quick one! Lidya : all right, just a quick one! UN ‘06

  7. Latihan-latihan UN ‘06

  8. 1.Dona : we’d he glad if you could come round for a meal next Saturday evening. Alia : yes, that sounds nice. thanks. the underlined attendance is used to express… a. Offering some help b. Asking some help c. Refusing an invitation d. Accepting an invitation e. Asking permission D UN ‘06

  9. Hadi : do you like coming round to my house. I' am having a birthday party tonight. Yeni : oh, great. With my pleasure, it would be nice.From the dialogue we know that hadi… Express an invitation Accept an offer Refuses an offer Ask information Ask some help A UN ‘06

  10. Hasan: how about going to the painting exhibition tonight.Ali : ….i have many things to do. • It must be interesting • I’m glad to have your invitation • That’s all right, thanks. • I’m sorry • It’s okey D UN ‘06

  11. Didi : would you come to go to the movie this weekend. Inti : yes,… • I don’t mind • How happy I am • I Think so • That sound nice • I can accompany you D UN ‘06

  12. Novi : tomorrow, my sister and I are going to go to the city hall to see an IT expo.Siska : I’m sorry I can’t. there’s a lot of assignment. from my mathematics teacher. a. can I accompany you? b. it sounds good, isn’t it? c. Why do you want to go? d. Is it all right for you to go to there e. Why do you want to go? E UN ‘06

  13. Gunawan : on Saturday, we are going to have a thanks giving party related to my brother’s returning home from completing his study. Would you like to come.Joko : …because I have to meet my niece at the airport. • it’s my pleasure • I’m very worried • I’m afraid, I can’t • It’s very interesting • That sounds wonderful C UN ‘06

  14. Iwan : let’s go to anyer next week.Yunus : …., but I’m having a mid test next week. • that’s great. • I’m, it’s fantastic. • Oh, how delighted. • I’d really love to. • How delightful it is. D UN ‘06

  15. Umi : we’ll see the concert of AFI tonight. would you like to join us.Ranti : thanks a lot. I’d like it very much umi : O.K. come to my house at 06.30, then we go there together.From the dialogue above, we know that ranti…umi invitation • Declines • Accepts • Denies • Thinks • Hopes B UN ‘06

  16. Lina : I was wondering if you like to comeover for dinner tomorrow.Hera : thanks you. I’d love to the underlined sentence show that lina is … to hera. • Asking for information • Getting information • Making an information • Asking for help • Expressing sympathy C UN ‘06

  17. 11. Santo : are you doing anything tomorrow afternoon? Yeni : well, I’m playing tennis till four clock. why? Santo : tomorrow is my friends birthday, and she is getting a party for her friends. Would you like to come with me? Yeni : yes , I’d love to. what time is the party? Santo : at 5.00 I come for you at 4.30, can you ready? yeni : I think so. From the dialogue we know that … UN ‘06

  18. Yeni is invite santo to go to the party • Santo is invite yeni to go to the party • Yeni is refusing santo’s invitation • Santo is accepting yeni invitation • Yeni does’t like to go to the birthday party B UN ‘06

  19. Hilman : are you free on Saturday? would you like to have dinner with me?Diana : sorry I’m already made plan forSaturday.The underlined express that diana is… • Refusing • Accepting • Denying • Asking • Preparing A UN ‘06

  20. Desi : I have two free ticket for the concert would you like to come with me?Ronald : … what time shall I • I went to go • It’s fantastic • Let me go with you • That would be great • I doubt it D UN ‘06

  21. 13. Jefry : why don’t we go to a movie tonight jono : I’d love to but I have a lot of homework. The underlined expression means that jono… • Accepts jefry invitation • Refusing jefry invitation • Is going to see the concert • Is going to see the concert • Disagrees with jefry invitation B UN ‘06

  22. 14. Hendar : would you like come toworkshop tomorrow? Indra : that would be great in the dialogue hendar is giving indra… • An order • A comment • An advice • A suggestion • An invitation E UN ‘06

  23. Andi : how about spending our holiday at puncak.bayu : oh, I wish I could.From the underlined words we may conclude that buyung … he’s invitation. • Is dissatisfies • Accepts • Denies • Refusing • Disagrees D UN ‘06

  24. 16. Budi : anton would you like to join owr football team for this year competition. Anton: no, thanks, I would rather watch than play football. From the dialogue we know that… • Budi accept anton’s invitation • Anton accept budi’s invitation • Anton refuses budi’s invitation • Anton is going to joint the football team • Budi is going to watch the football team C UN ‘06

  25. John : would you care for something to drink, Odi : oh,…thank you. I’ll have an orange juice, please.Which of the following is not suitable to complete the dialogue • that’s very kind of you • I’d like to very much • I wish I could • That would be nice • Yes, I’d love to C UN ‘06

  26. 18. Rio : we’re just going for a drink. Wont you join us. Ari : …,but I’m afraid I’m busy this weekend. One of the expression below can’t be use to complete the dialogue • I’d like to very much • Well, I'd love to • I’m thinking of that • I wish I could • Thank you very much UN ‘06

  27. Irfan : I’m leaving for bandung on Saturday why don’t you come to. Enny : what a great idea. Of coursethe underlined expression is used to • Express an invitation • Express possibility • Accept an invitation • Refuse an invitation • Express uncertainty A UN ‘06

  28. Reni : would you like something to eat? I’ve made lots of sandwich. Ida : No, thanks, reni. I haven’t long had lunch.From the dialogue we know that… • Ida is going to eat • Reni is accepting ida’s invitation • Ida is making an invitation • Reni is going to have lunch • Ida is refusing reni’s invitation E UN ‘06