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Local Offer

Local Offer

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Local Offer

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  1. Local Offer

  2. Local Offer From September 2014 every Local Authority will be required to publish information about services they expect to be available in their area for children and young people from birth to 25 who have special education needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and also services outside of the area which they expect children and young people from their area will use. This will be known as the ‘Local Offer’

  3. Local Offer The Local Offer will put all the information about education, health and care services, leisure activities and support groups in one place. It has two main purposes: To provide clear, comprehensive and accessible information about the support and opportunities that are available To make provision more responsive to local needs and aspirations

  4. Local Offer The Government says the Local Offer must be developed and reviewed in partnership with children and young people, parent carers, and local services, including schools, colleges, health and social care agencies Staffordshire County Council and parent representatives from the local parent groups and forums are working together and will be involving children and young people to plan exactly what should be included in our Local Offers and the best way to present them.

  5. Local Offer To Date Representation of the Local Offer confirmed and evolving PowerPoint reference Local Offer developed and shared with the Education Reference Group Service template developed on distributed IT and Admin support requested Children’s Voice event Critical success factors tabled Source an appropriate vehicle for Local Offer – E-marketplace likely to be the route Special Schools about KLC future consulted Capital Capacity Projects BAU Entrust asked to scope future training needs

  6. Local Offer To Date E- Marketplace Launch Meetings to determine gaps for Local Offer from current Staffordshire Cares/Purple Pages. Agreed use of current headings. On boarder pack being prepared. User/commissioner/IT groups being established. Post 16 Local Offer – Special School/PRU audit developed using Survey Monkey. All settings returned analysis informing the Local Offer. Post 16 Task and Finish Group looking at funding criteria for April 2015. Insight feedback regarding Local Offer. Intention to have a core Local Offer group and a virtual mechanism for feedback. Draft template for Local Offer developed, being shared with SENCos – Spring Term SENCo Updates via Entrust.

  7. Local Offer To Date CYP questionnaire developed. Redrafting the Access Strategy in partnership with Think2 and FE to ensure cohesion of support 2-25. Special School Key Learning Centre report and recommendations drafted as part of the Local Offer. Development of draft curriculum materials for schools to use with CYP to consult/raise awareness of the Local Offer.

  8. CYP Event Photo’sPrimary

  9. CYP Event Photo’sSecondary

  10. CYP Event Photo’sFE

  11. Progress to Date We engaged with commissioners, providers, schools, children and parents / carers We tested the best ways of accessing Local Offer We identified the best online platforms We started gathering information about services across Staffordshire

  12. Next Steps Setting up a Local Offer engagement Group Developing a mock-up Local Offer for testing Uploading providers detailed into database

  13. What is an e-marketplace?? • The marketplace is a free online directory of services, activities and events for all ages and needs across Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent. • It will link in to the information and advice available on Staffordshire Cares, and will eventually replace the already well-established Purple Pages. • It allows local people to browse information, advice and local events, search for products and services, and manage their budget in a safe and secure place.  It will also cut down on needless bureaucracy by providing a direct link to services. • It will enable users and carers to plan, arrange and manage their own network of care, support and wellbeing activities to help them lead a healthier, happier life.

  14. Why are we doing this?? • To raise awareness of the range of goods, services and activities available in our communities to support wellbeing. • To improve access to services by making it easier to find out what is available through an online resource which is accessible 24/7 • To establish an all age marketplace that helps people enquire about, book or buy the things they need to live a healthy, happier life. • To help all its users to plan, arrange and manage their own network of care, support and wellbeing activities and services. • Gives people the opportunity to provide feedback on services that can serve to inform other users. • To support people who are not eligible for Community Care services to source trusted information and advice and signpost them preventative and community services which can often offer low or no cost support to reduce the need for more intensive services in the future.

  15. Staffordshire’s Care, support and wellbeing Marketplace. • This is just an example. The final version will: • Use more appropriate images (photo or illustration) • Be tested by users, carers and practitioners • Include easy read/ pictorial format where appropriate

  16. How does this fit with the Local Offer? This development supports 2 key areas of the Children & Families Bill: 1)Local authorities are required to publish in one place a clear and easy to understand ‘local offer’ of education, health and social care services. • The marketplace provides a trusted source of information, advice and guidance and range of quality assured goods and services that are available to all and not just restricted to traditional or statutory services. • Different searches by postcode, desired outcomes or cost can be used to find the most relevant, cost effective and local services to the individual. • By offering different search options and the ability to request multiple quotes through one enquiry the time it takes to search for relevant information or to obtain quotes is greatly reduced - no more phoning round and waiting for people to get back to you!! 2) Parents and young people have the right to a personal budget for their support. • Helps people to find things they want to spend their budgets on by providing a marketplace where they can research, compare, book or buy goods, services and activities. • Will help simplify direct payment process through online budget management and purchasing (Once integrated with Care director) • Will drive savings for service users by giving visibility of the types of goods and services and standard charges which ensures providers are competitive and enables negotiation of even better terms with providers.

  17. How will we find the local offer on the Marketplace? The local offer is integrated within the whole marketplace not one “special” category for the following reasons: • To make sure people see all relevant services not just the “usual” offering • Open people’s minds to alternative support and service options • To ensure support plans are based on outcomes for the child (can be entered as a search criteria) and not circumstance or disability • Statutory and SEN/ assessment services can still be found under its own category.

  18. Example of how the local offer will fit within the marketplace

  19. What next? The marketplace is currently being developed….. We need your help to get it right! • We need to know what goods, services, suppliers should be on there with contact details if possible • We need you to promote it to providers and users • We need people to test it to make sure it meets our needs (both practitioners and users/ carers) If you can help please email