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  1. Romare Bearden 1911-1988

  2. Born in Charlotte NC in 1911, grew up in Harlem in New York. Graduated from NYE with degree in education, took many art courses. Interests include music, performing arts, history, literature, and global art.

  3. Bearden grew up during the Harlem Renaissance Harlem Renaissance- a cultural movement in 1920s America during which black art, literature, and music experienced renewal and growth, originating in New York City's Harlem district A revival of ART, MUSIC, and LITERATURE

  4. Romare Bearden worked as a social worker for NYC Social Services from the 1930’s -1960’s. He created his art at night and on the weekends. Southern Recall 1965 Collage of paper with ink and graphite on cardboard

  5. Three Folk Singers 1967 Bearden experimented with different mediums but was famous for his richly textured collages. What’s involved in a collage?

  6. How can you SEE Texture?

  7. Texture- an element of art that refers to how things feel This can also describe how things might feel, we can describe texture visually There are 2 types of TEXTURE: Visual and Real

  8. Real texture is texture that can be perceived through touch Visual Texture is an illusion of a three dimensional surface based on the memory of how things feel. There are 2 types of visual texture Invented and simulated

  9. Invented texture – a kind of visual texture that does not represent a real texture but creates a sensation of one be repeating lines and shapes in a two-dimensional pattern. We use mostly invented textures in Adobe Illustrator

  10. Other artists during the same period: Henri Matisse: From France. Same period. Collage. Died 1954

  11. Lots of artists draw ideas from other artists by Compare and Contrasting. We take ideas, styles and adapt them to our own. We make it fit into what the artist is trying to communicate. • This is a modern artist using Matisse style. How does it compare? How does it Contrast? • WHAT IS STYLE?

  12. A member of the Harlem artists guild, Bearden participated in a lifetime study of art. He gathered inspiration form Giotto, Cezanne, Picasso, Matisse, African At, Byzantine Mosaics, Japanese prints and Chinese landscape paintings. In what ways do you see this in his works? Is the inspiration obvious? Or hidden?

  13. Romare was influenced by the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s and was an active spokesperson for artistic and social issues. He supported young emerging artists throughout his own career as an artist.

  14. How does overlapping help create a sense of space?

  15. Much of Bearden’s work from the mid 70’s to mid 80’s featured Jazz artists and singers as the subject matter, a popular pastime during the Harlem Renaissance.

  16. How does Romare’s style of collage differ from collage we are more familiar with?

  17. Romare Bearden Collage Project Create a collage using magazine clippings, construction paper, newspaper, drawn elements, etc. in the style of Romare Bearden that features a SCENE from your life. You must use at least ONE figure in your piece. Construct your objects and figures from multiple pieces from different images. Use texture, space, shapes Work from the background to foreground. PLAN YOUR COMPOSITION. Fill in your composition with texture. Think about: “What happens where I come from?”

  18. Romare Bearden Collage Project At least 2 figures 20 pts (10 pts each) At lease 4 additional objects 20 pts (5 pts each) Multiple collage elements (at least 4) 10 pts (cut magazines, construction paper, greeting cards, etc) Objects constructed using multiple elements 15 pts Meaning no objects are one single cut shape, person, building flower Used all three elements (line, shapes, space) 10 pts Subject of work was planned 15 pts (5pts each) Show an event Composition is balanced Organized Clean construction 10 pts Objects are glued down, flat on page Glue is not visible