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The Tropical Rainforest PowerPoint Presentation
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The Tropical Rainforest

The Tropical Rainforest

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The Tropical Rainforest

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  1. The Tropical Rainforest animals that live in the rainforest By Colin Cheung

  2. Tigers are large carnivorous feline mammals. They are identified by their orange and black striped coats. As the largest wild cats in the world they can weigh up to 550 pounds, grow to 6 feet long, not including a 3-foot-long tail. Tigers hunt alone and often at night, preying on both small animals, such as wild pigs, and large animals like deer, elk, or antelope. They live in a variety of habitats across Asia. TIGERS

  3. The Bengal Tiger or Royal Bengal Tiger is a subspecies of tiger primarily found in India, Bangladesh and also in Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and in southern Tibet. It is one of the largest and the most common tiger subspecies, and lives in a variety of habitats, including grasslands, subtropical and tropical rainforests, scrub forests, wet and dry deciduous forests and mangroves. X X Bengal Tiger Critically Endangered!

  4. What is a snake? A snake is a reptile without legs. A reptile usually has scales, lays eggs, breathes air, and doesn’t spend much time taking care of its babies. It is also cold-blooded, which means that its body doesn’t stay the same temperature all the time. (Our bodies stay at 98.6 F all day.) Snakes get very cold on winter days and very hot in the summer. Snakes

  5. ANACONDA, common name for a large South American snake of the boa family. The anaconda or water boa is one of the largest and most powerful snakes in the world, and the largest in the western hemisphere. It kills its prey by constriction, or squeezing. The reptile is found in the rivers of the Guiana's and Brazil. The female anaconda gives birth to living young. Anaconda Snake

  6. Snake dance is a term used to refer to a parade before a high school or college homecoming dance. The parade includes floats built by each high school class, marching bands, students, and alumni. It usually starts in a central business district or school location and ends with an evening bonfire and pep rally near the school. Snake Dance

  7. A snake with the ability to change its colour has been found in the rainforest heart of Borneo. Researchers from Germany and the US discovered the water snake's chameleon-like behaviour by accident when they put it into a dark bucket Chameleon Snake

  8. A monkey is any member of either the New World monkeys or Old World monkeys, two of the three groupings of simian primates, the third group being the apes. The New World monkeys are classified within the parvorder Platyrrhini, whereas the Old World monkeys form part of the parvorder Catarrh, which also includes the apes Monkeys

  9. The Ocelot is a wild cat distributed over South and Central America and Mexico, but has been reported as far north as Texas and in Trinidad, in the Caribbean. It can be up to 100 cm (3'2") in length, plus 45 cm (1'6") tail length, and weighs 10–15 kg (about 20–33 pounds), making it the largest of the generally dainty Leopardus wild cat genus. Ocelot

  10. The piranha is a family of omnivorous freshwater fish which live in South American rivers. In Venezuelan rivers they are called caribes. They are known for their sharp teeth and an aggressive appetite for meat and flesh. Piranhas belong to the family of Serrasalmidae (though some scientists still classify them in the family Characidae which also includes closely related herbivorous fish including pacus.

  11. Thanks for reading my PowerPoint, I hoped you enjoyed it. Conclusion