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The Tropical Rainforest PowerPoint Presentation
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The Tropical Rainforest

The Tropical Rainforest

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The Tropical Rainforest

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  1. The Tropical Rainforest Created By: Madie and Kedra

  2. Geography and Climate Location: Near the equator Description: Lots of green plants and trees, very moist Soil Type: Poor in nutrients, less organic material than temperature forests Precipitation: Between 50 to 260 inches of rain falls yearly Temperature: No higher than 93 degrees Fahrenheit, no lower than 68 degrees Fahrenheit Climate: Very humid because of all the rainfall, lots of rain because of the hot and wet climate

  3. Biodiversity Plant species: Bark, Lianas, Drip Tips, Prop and Stilt Roots, Epiphytes, Bromeliads, Mangroves, Nepenthes, Curare, Coconut Tree, Durian, Jambu, etc. Animal species:Bearded Pig, Brazilian Tapir, Capy Bara, Chimpanzee, Common Tree Shrew, Crested Guan, Flying Dragon, Indian Cobra, Orangutan, Slow Loris, Vine Snake, etc.

  4. Adaptations Plants: Plants of the Tropical Rainforest have to adapt to growing on other plants to reach sunlight. Plants also have to adapt to heavy rainfall on their leaves. They have adapted to this by shedding water off their leaves quickly so their branches don’t get weighed down and break. Some trees have leaf stalks that turn with the movement of the sun so they can absorb the maximum amount of light since light is scarce in the rainforest. Animals: Animals of the Tropical Rainforest have to adapt to the rainforest being destroyed by people who cut the trees down. They also have to adapt to living in trees and lots of heavy rainfall. Some adaptations include bright colors, loud vocalizations, and diets heavy on fruit.