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Work Cited

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Work Cited

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  1. Work Cited

  2. Embedding a Quote Do not start a sentence with a quote UNLESS it is your hook. You must lead into your quote. Do not just quote drop. A hero sacrifices his life for the good of others. The poem O Captain! My Captain! is an excellent example of gaining a victory at a price. Whitman wrote, “O Captain! My Captain! Rise up and hear the bells; rise up-for you the flag is flung-or you the bugle trills” (Whitman 23). This captain is considered a hero because he sacrificed himself for the good of his men. The figurativemeaning of this poem speaks of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln not only put his reputation on the line for The United States, but also his life.

  3. Embedding a Quote • Quote from the SpringBoard Book: “--------------” (author’s last name page number). • Quote from a website: “-------------” (first and last name of the person that said the quote).

  4. Work Cited • On a sheet separate from your essay title it Work Cited. SpringBoard Book: Cassian, Nina. A Man. Monreal, Davis Nava. Moco Limping. Whitman, Walt. O Captain! My Captain! Homer. The Odyssey. Brown, Corie and Laura Shapiro. Woman Warrior. Batman Begins Mulan October Sky • Which ever text evidence you choose to use your work cited will include them just like above. If you do not use all of them, then don’t put the ones you don’t use. • If you use a website to find a quote: • Author’s last name, first name. “Title of the website”. Web address. Date you found it.