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  1. Highlights E-Crime 2015: Increasing attendance through outreach The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) enlisted Montner Tech PR to increase global attendance at its eCrime 2015 conference in Barcelona, including the event’s special Bit coin and crypto currency crime forum and networking program. Through targeted outreach to international media and digital currency influential’s, MTPR helped the APWG reach its goal of a sold out symposium, with more than 270 cybercrime fighters from around the world and 30 media in attendance. The conference even received well-deserved hype in one of the most popular digital currency publications, CoinDesk. Fast startup, strong exit: Media kudos for a “prolific PR machine” American Banker said it best: "Pass Mark Security, known for … its prolific PR machine, was acquired by EMC for $45 million." That PR machine was MTPR, with more than 600 placements from the launch, featured in The Wall Street Journal’s RSA curtain raiser story, to a strong exit two years later. Profiting from hacking: Target breach becomes PR goldmine When Target was hit with a breach affecting more than 40 million credit and debit card accounts, Montner Tech PR recognized the potential PR profits. After helping get the U.S. EMV migration

  2. underway, the team jumped on the breaking news to change the industry’s narrative: EMV chip payment cards significantly reduce the impacts of data breaches, and we have to get there ASAP. Our very cost-effective two-month campaign generated more than 50 interviews and 150 placements. We kept the wave building by leveraging further breach and FBI alert news, paving the way for other stakeholders to join the chorus. Visa and MasterCard more aggressively advocated EMV chip technology and reaffirmed deadlines; Target‘s CEO publicly stated need to move to EMV chip technology more quickly; and the National Retail Federation CEO endorsed chip cards, among other statements by influentials. Fast track into a new market: Big attention for big data market entry Intelligent travel leader Cubic Transportation Systems turned to Montner Tech PR to define and publicize a distinct identity for Urban Insights, its new big data and mobile analytics startup. MTPR helped with branding, messaging, a launch event pulling in D.C.-based government transportation influential’s and a two month launch campaign that netted 28 placements. Stepping Up to Score: Education Efforts Hit a Home Run As the liability shift date for the U.S. migration to EMV chip cards closes in, education for merchants implementing chip technology is crucial. Montner Tech PR stepped up to the plate to

  3. help, providing industry expertise and guidance to leading payments consultancy FIME to develop best practices for small and mid-sized merchants planning for chip card acceptance. The combination of MTPR and FIME’s industry expertise resulted in a home run with a white paper that was downloaded over 1,000 times in just two weeks. In addition, FIME’s advice for the merchant community was highlighted across target trade publications including Payments Source, Progressive Grocer, Hospitality Technology, Bank News, Let’s Talk Payments, Chain Store Age and others. Social media campaign: Volcanic eruption and steamed travelers break the ice for EMV chip cards in the U. S. Americans were really steamed when they couldn't use their U. S. mag stripe cards at European railway kiosks during Iceland's 2010 volcanic eruption, which disrupted travel for two weeks. MTPR mined the social media uproar to get extensive coverage in the New York Times, with top-tier travel bloggers and the banking trades. U.S banks started issuing EMV chip cards for the first time to international travelers, which broke the ice for the entire U.S. Bank card market to move to EMV.

  4. Run-up to Venture Round: Breaking Out From a Crowded Field to Secure $30 Million This cloud security startup had to come out of the gate strong in order to break away from the pack and did so with a series of consecutive industry-first product news announcements, solidifying the firm’s lead; positioning the CEO as a thought leader with IT, business and venture media and dramatically upping its appeal to investors. In six months, crossed the finish line with $30 million from Andreessen Horowitz, followed by 30 feature stories in 30 days – three in the WSJ, Business Insider, CNNMoney, Forbes, GigaOm, TechCrunch, Reuters, as well as a Bloomberg TV West segment. For more info, Log on to Contact Us: Montner Tech 180 Post Road East Westport, Connecticut USA 06880 Phone No:203-226-9290