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  1. Highlights Canadian Renovators Council May 2011

  2. Presentations and Discussions Canadian Renovators' Council The RenoMark™ Advantage Update, Helen Batista, BILD Aging Baby Boomers: Where Will They Live? Peter Norman, Altus Group A Canadian Perspective on Asbestos Precautions for the Removal of Asbestos-Containing Drywall Joint Compound, Dr. Don Pinchin, Pinchion Environmental, Panel Discussion on HST, GST Rebates and the Underground Economy CMHC Report NRCan Report Renovation Month Update/CHBA National SAM Update

  3. RenoMark™ Advantage Canadian Renovators' Council RenoMark™ now in 32 local HBAs, 8 provinces, and still growing. Lots of activity: magazine articles & renovator profiles; ad campaign in summer and fall, plans for a RenoMark™ magazine. Outstanding promotions at the local HBA level: ads, advertorials, websites, publications, home shows, and much more Coming up: overhaul of the website, a national social media campaign & a membership drive.

  4. Aging Baby Boomers: Where Will They Live? Canadian Renovators' Council Housing choices by baby boomers for the next 20+ years closely linked to municipal Official Plans and land availability. Many planners believe BBs will move to high-density housing, e.g. downtown condos, so less land is needed to meet future housing demand. Research by Altus Group concludes predominant choice will continue to be “aging in place”. Prompted by Ottawa case: developers appealed amendment by City to change urban boundaries and reduce land availability. Aging in place = great opportunities for home adaptations and renovations.

  5. A Canadian Perspective: Asbestos Precautions for the Removal of Drywall with ACDJC Canadian Renovators' Council Regulations in BC, AB, ON and NFLD treat removal of drywall with asbestos-containing drywall joint compound as Type 2, or “moderate risk” (type 1, “low risk” elsewhere). Stricter precautions: dust enclosure, protective suits, respirators and more = significant cost. Testing by Pinchin Environmental, recognized experts, shows type 2 classification not needed. PCM is standard air test, shows fibres of similar characteristics, but TEM testing isolates asbestos fibres. Next step? Perhaps try to prevent further adoptions of Type 2 regulations Renovators may thinks about training and certification of their own people to do Type 2 removal to save money.

  6. HST, GST Rebates, and the Underground EconomyA panel discussion Canadian Renovators' Council • Ongoing issue for the industry, and topic for discussion and information sharing in CRC. • Overview by CEOs of SK and BC CHBA and CHBA-NB President A few highlights: • SK has no HST but still an active underground. • In NB, people have lived with HST for a long time—the underground is thriving. • In BC, a strong push for Renovation Tax Credit. • Everywhere, push for more consumer education. • Discussion: Beat the underground by being professional (e.g. training & certification) and educating our customers to the difference!

  7. Reports from CMHC and NRCan: A Few Highlights Canadian Renovators' Council CMHC: A Green Renovation Guide for Renovators: how to improve the overall environmental performance of a renovation, project, avoid green-washing, and more. An energy-efficient wall retrofit study, to assess two common exterior insulation retrofit strategies. Includes full-scale wall testing and computer modeling. Expected completion by the end of 2011. NRCan: The ecoEnergy Retrofit program: 733,000 pre-retrofit evaluations and 583,00 post evaluations to date, with more than $709 million paid out. Average grant is $1,392.

  8. CHBA Updates Canadian Renovators' Council Renovation Month: • Backgrounders, graphics, etc. online (Members Area of the CHBA website). • Updated printed guide to organizing a campaign. • Home Hardware, Genworth Financial Canada and Delta are national sponsors. CHBA National SAM Awards: • Entry forms are online. • Deadline for submissions is Nov. 4, 2011. • Renovators are encouraged to enter.

  9. Want to Know More? Go to the CRC’s page in the Members Area of the CHBA website—no password is needed— and look for: Canadian Renovators' Council The Chair’s report, provincial reports and other reports. Presentations. Summary of presentations and discussions. Renovator Resources, a listing of materials, activities and other useful information discussed at the meeting.