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British Food and Drink PowerPoint Presentation
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British Food and Drink

British Food and Drink

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British Food and Drink

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  1. British Food and Drink

  2. Planning • Introduction • British Food • Dessert • Fish and chips shop • British Drink • Pubs • Christmas in England • Why have British food so bad reputation?

  3. Introduction • We all agree that each country has his own specialities but what comes to your mind when you think of British Food?

  4. Sandwich

  5. British Food Delicious!

  6. What does the British eat? • At Breakfast • At Tea-break ( or Elevenses ) • At Lunch • At Tea-time • At The evening meal ( or Dinner ) • At Supper

  7. At Breakfast • Traditionally many Britons have started the day with something called a ‘Full English Breafeast ’. • They usually eaten between about 7:30 a.m and 9:00 a.m.

  8. Sausages bacon Scrambled or fried or boiled egg Mushrooms Fried tomatoes Baked beans Toast This breakfast is served with hot tea, with milk added and orange juice. A traditional Full English Breakfast may contain :

  9. At breakfast many British people also eat toast with butter or margarine and jam (strawberry, raspberry,…) or marmelade (a type of jam made from oranges).

  10. brown sause bacon

  11. eggs • Fried eggs

  12. boiled eggs • egg-cup

  13. How To Use Your Egg Cups ?

  14. A continental breakfast It ’s a small meal and is not cooked. It contains a bread roll (or croissant新月形面包) with cheese or ham and a cup of coffee or orange juice. Others eat a bowl of cereal with milk. Other food: pancake(烤薄饼)、waffle(蜂蜜松饼)、omelette(煎蛋卷)

  15. cereal

  16. pancake

  17. pancake cover with buttermilk

  18. Baked apple-pecan pancake

  19. omelette (煎蛋饼,摊鸡蛋)

  20. Burger(夹饼) with omelette

  21. waffle (华夫饼干)

  22. doughnut (油炸圈饼)

  23. Shoppe of doughnut

  24. croissant (新月形面包)

  25. ham croissant sandwiches

  26. Muffin(松饼)

  27. At Tea-break (or at elevenses) • Many people have a tea-break at about 11:00 in the morning and taken a coffee or a tea with a biscuit but • Actually ‘elenvenses’ can be taken at any time of the day and with most Britons this is usually fairly often!

  28. At lunch • Lunch is the meal eaten in the middle of the day usually between about 12:30 p.m and 2:00 p.m. • Many people eat a sandwich, fish and chips. • Some people have a simple meal such as cheese and biscuits or soup and bread.

  29. A ploughman ’s lunch is a traditional lunch for farmers : a bread roll, Cheddar cheese, and salad, perhaps with a pork pie. It is also traditional for people to go to a pub with some friends for a pub lunch and a drink.

  30. At Tea-time • Tea-time is a small meal eaten in the late afternoon (between about 3.30 p.m and 5.00p.m.). People may drink tea and often eat biscuits,cakes or savoury foods such as sandwiches and tea-cakes. Occasionally, people may have a full afternoon tea ( scone with jam and cream)

  31. scone(烤饼)

  32. At dinner •  Dinner is the usual name for the main evening meal. • It can be served at anytime between 6 p.m and 8 p.m. • For most families is the biggest meal of the day. • A Sunday roast is a traditional meal eaten by a family at Sunday, for example : • roast beef with roast potatoes, parsnips(欧洲萝卜), Brussels sprouts(芽甘蓝), green beans, Yorkshire pudding, bread sauce and gravy(肉汁).

  33. Others british specialities…with Crumble(面包屑) and custard(奶油蛋羹), Rice pudding, apple pie and cream and butter pudding.

  34. At Supper • Supper is the final meal of the day; and is usually something very light like a sandwich and a cup of tea. • Nowadays this meal is usually eaten in front of the television.

  35. Desserts... • British people like hot dessert (pies) and cold dessert (cake, ice cream, pudding). • British are the world ’s biggest consumers of sugar.

  36. The Fish and Chips Shop • Great tradition in britain. • There are over 8000 fish and chips shops in Britain. • It is one of the most popular food dishes loved by every generation and visitor. • Usually used for ‘take away’ meals.

  37. Rice puddingWhich ingredients miss in this receipt? • 100 G of rice • ½ liter of…..? • ….?G of sugar • 20 G of…...? • The peel of a lemon • …….? • powder • It is easy!!!!!

  38. Here answers... • 1/2 liter of MILK • 25 G of sugar • 20 G ofBUTTER • SALT

  39. British Drink

  40. Alcoholic Drink • Bitter : traditional British beer (know as ale), it ’s quite strong and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth after drinking. Served at room temperature. • Stout is dark brown and tastes a little bitter. • The most popular is the Irish drink called Guinness. • Lageris a lighter-coloured type of imported beer and is normally served cold. • When you order a beer,you may have a choice between a pint ( half a liter) or a half pint.

  41. Other alcoholic drinks • Shandyis a mixture of beer and lemonade. • Wineis an increasingly popular drink in the UK, the most common option is to ask for a glass of the house wine (red or white). • Cider(or Scrumpy) is a traditional English drink made from apples. It may be sweet or dry. • Whisky is a strong drink produced in Scotland and in Ireland. • Drinks are often mixed as : Gin and tonic, Whisky and coke, Vodka and tonic...

  42. Some images...

  43. Soft Drinks Non-alcoholic drinks are known as soft drinks. Soft drinks may be Still (not fizzy) or Sparkling (fizzy or carbonated).

  44. Still drinks... • Still mineral water • Fruit juice ( apple, orange or pineapple juice). • Tomato juice

  45. Sparkling drinks... • Coke • Lemonade • Bitter lemon • Ginger beer or ginger ale • Sparkling mineral water • Tonic water • Hot drink such as tea or coffee

  46. For many British people, drinking is an established part of their social life.“Going out for a drink” is how they relax or spend time with friends.

  47. Pubs • You have to be 18 years old to order a drink in a pub. • It is a place to relax after work. • People like to walk into their  “local” and be sure they will meet someone they know. • The greatest attention is given to the drink, and in particular to the beer.