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CEAV How to track your CPD

CEAV How to track your CPD. Bernadette Gigliotti Executive Manager CEAV Anita Viglione CEAV webmaster – Moderator. Context. CICA Professional Standards Continuing Professional Development Standards- core competencies CPD Tracker – how it works

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CEAV How to track your CPD

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  1. CEAV How to track your CPD Bernadette Gigliotti Executive Manager CEAV Anita Viglione CEAV webmaster – Moderator

  2. Context • CICA Professional Standards • Continuing Professional Development • Standards- core competencies • CPD Tracker – how it works • CPD and related professional learning VIT

  3. Professional Standards for Career Development Practitioners • Definitions • Membership • Code Ethics • Entry Level Qualifications • Continue Professional Development • Competency Guidelines that inform the development of entry level qualifications www.cica.org.au

  4. 2012 CICA Standards in Career Development Professional entry to careers: Graduate Certificate / Diploma in Career Development, Vocational Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice • Masters and PhD Programs in Career Guidance Associate entry to careers: • Certificate IV in Career Development

  5. 1 January 2012 • Endorsed courses only for professional entry • Alternative pathways to professional status on completing a deeming application What are your obligations under the Professional Standards?

  6. Career Practitioners obligations.... Provide guidance through: • Unbiased advice – presenting all choices • Provide career services reflective of appropriate training and experience • Identifying talent / values – build aspirations • Identifying skills – develop resilience • Maintaining accurate and confidential records • Provide opportunities for self awareness in students - student takes control of the process • Assisting students to research and think through their choices – informed choices

  7. CEAV career practitioner obligations.... 7 core competencies that frame your work: • Career development theory • Labour market information • Ethical practice • Advanced communication skills • Diversity- cultural sensitivity • Information and resource management • Professional practice

  8. CPD • Complete a minimum of 15 hours of CPD per year. Professional and Associate • Complete a ‘range’ of CPD - not all from the one category • Keep a record of CPD to develop current competency • Determine professional learning appropriate to your on going learning.

  9. Types of CPD • Writing or presenting professional papers • Active membership of CEAV, career development advisory bodies and other relevant committees • Engaging in professionals supervision • Research activities • Study tours and exchange or other relevant programs • Participation in conferences / forums • Participation in professional / skill development workshops and activities • Reading professional publications • Engaging in professional mentoring • Academic study in the field of career development

  10. CEAV CPD Tracker • Provides an easy method of recording CPD hours. • Members can print out page • Members manage the process • Based on an honour system • CEAV audits annually at membership renewal

  11. Web Tour of CEAV Tracker • Tracker demonstration using our Career Professional Leena Inverse

  12. For assistance with CPD... • Contact: • Bernadette Gigliotti or Naomi Corlett • executivemanager@ceav.vic.edu.au • office@ceav.vic.edu.au • And keep up to date by checking on the Staff Blog section of the website, under ‘Social’ in the Member Lounge

  13. CEAV 2012 Yearly Professional Learning Planner Download planner now

  14. Sample CPD Beginner Less than two years of practice • NCP Training Program – 15 hours • Change of Preference • The Real Game Training – 5 hours • Regional network meetings – structured pd activities – 3 hours • Reading Journal x 3 copies – 3 hours • CEAV Member Lounge professional reading – policies and procedures – Code of Ethics poster • Other- DEECD

  15. Sample CPD Experienced More than 4 years in practice • 4 webinars – 7 hours • Forum: How to Use social media in your career practice – 5 hours • Other: running a regional network meeting or pd activity; contributing to The Journal; undertaking units of study in the Vocational Graduate Certificate; developing resources to lodge on the Member Lounge ie: preparation for work experience or subject selection – 5 hours • Forum: Proving career development is effective in schools – 5 hours

  16. Sample CPD Highly Experienced More than 10 years in practice • Review qualifications in terms of up skilling – Voc Grad or Masters - 15 hours+ • Professional Training in vocational assessment tools and products – Australian and International – Career Voyage Training 5 hours • Membership of International Body • Training for mentors for future career practitioners – 4 hours • International conferences and / or national conference • Mentoring new practitioners – 5 hours • Regional Network Executive; and / or CEAV Committee of Management – 10 hours + • Professional writing: Journal submissions x 2 Other: DEECD; CDAA; VIT

  17. VIT Alignments • CEAV CPD mapped to the three VIT Standards • Professional knowledge • Professional practice • Professional engagement Design CPD according to your learning goals for VIT or professional appraisal program

  18. VIT Standards vis a vis CICA CPD VIT: Professional Practice Element 6: Teachers use a range of teaching practices and resources to engage students in effective learning CICA: can cover elements from Advanced communication skills, career development theory, Specialisation – assessment, Labour market, specialisation – counselling skills, diversity, information and resource management, professional practice Examples: Development of a career education unit of work for delivery to students at Year 10 using the Australian Blueprint of Career Development and ReCAP. CPD Claim: 5 hours

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