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How to Clean Your Slot Car Tires and Track

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How to Clean Your Slot Car Tires and Track

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  1. HOW TO CLEAN YOUR SLOT CAR TIRES AND TRACK? Love slot car racing? Do you want to be faster and get better control over your car? Dust is perhaps the worst enemy and biggest obstacle of successful slot car driving. A clean slot car track and tires help to increase traction that improves the car’s performance, especially during the curves. Cleanliness helps in enhancing the grip between the track and the tire. Which also means better control over your slot car. Here we have listed some tips that can help a slot car racer to drive the mini car effortlessly! CLEANING PRODUCTS A good set of cleaning products is essential to keep the slot car track and slot car tires clean. Almost all the products are designed to get rid of dust. Swiffer offers some of the best cleaning products. Or else, you can get off-brand clones that are available at much cheaper rates. The wipes are used for dusting off the surface of the track, and the wand is for those hard to reach places. One of the most important products is canned air that is primarily used to remove the dust and everything else out of the track slots. Track Slot - The first thing you should clean is the track slot with the help of canned air. If you have never cleaned the slot, then it is sure that there

  2. will be a lot of debris falling down while cleaning. To get rid of all the debris and dust, simply use the nozzle of the can and blow the stuff out to the track surface. Track Surface - It is vital that before every track session, you run a cleaning wand around the track. This will help you get the dust off the track surface. The wand will also help you get the places that are hard to reach, especially if you have a massive setup. Even between the races, you can dust the track a few times. The break down of the slot car tires and dust settle on the track, which reduces the friction between the track and tires. Slot Car Tires - It is a mandatory task to clean the slot car tires after every race. The tires pick up the dust from the track that reduces the grip of the vehicle. So, get a tape lint roller and roll the tires over it. You should focus on the rear tires more, as those are the ones that are essential for the grip while driving. It is no big deal if the fronts merely skim or slide across the surface. THE CONCLUSION: By following the easy steps mentioned above, you can easily change your losing matches to winning ones. You can also feel the difference while driving the slot cars. And it is a guarantee that you will see a positive impact in your performance on regular cleaning of your track and tires. Slotfabrik, Afolabi Osu Humboldtstraße 4/1 71032 Böblingen Tel.: +49 7031230053 Email: service@slotfabrik.com Visit: http://www.slotfabrik.com

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