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How To Clean Your Car

Power Maxed's top 10 tips and tricks to cleaning your car. Perfect for beginners but common mistakes made by even car cleaning enthusiasts.

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How To Clean Your Car

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  1. Top 10 Tips And Tricks How To Clean Your Car

  2. Keep Out Of The Sun On hot and sunny days you should clean your car under shade or in a cool area. This is to prevent the water and soap from drying too quickly and leaving unsightly water marks.

  3. Use Gloves Wearing gloves whilst cleaning your car will protect your hands from any chemicals in the car cleaning products you may use.

  4. Use Multiple Buckets If possible, you should use multiple buckets for different purposes. For example; a bucket with just water and a bucket for your cleaning product . This will make replacing dirty water quicker and more efficient.

  5. Avoid Sponges Sponges are commonly used to clean cars by amateurs but professionals avoid them at all costs. Sponges are effective at picking up dirt. They however hold onto this dirt and if not cleaned properly will simply end up rubbing dirt into you paint. These tiny scratches end up becoming the pain swirls associated with poor car cleaning.

  6. Microfibre Instead Of Sponges Microfibre cloths, towels, mitts and pads provide even greater cleaning then sponges without being as abrasive. Ultra thin fibres are incredibly effective at lifting dirt and grease. Doesn’t drag dirt across your paint.

  7. Brush Your Wheels Dirty wheels are one of the most noticeable parts of a dirty car. Cleaning the outer rims are quite simple but cleaning the crevices and gaps can be very tricky. Car wheel brushes simplify this process greatly. Brushes allow you to clean areas which you simply weren’t able to which just a cloth or sponge

  8. Clean Glass, Clear Visibility Keeping your windows and mirrors clean aren’t just for aesthetics. Poorly kept mirrors and glass can compromise your safety by decreasing visibility. Synthetic chamois or genuine chamois are super absorbent and don’t leave smudges. However a handy trick used even by professionals is to clean windows using vinegar and newspaper. The ratio can vary greatly but ¼ vinegar to ¾ water is normally sufficient.

  9. Clean Equipment For A Clean Car Damaged or dirty equipment will clean poorly or even damage your car. If you are using buckets make sure to replace dirty water. Pressure washers, hoses and machine buffers can cause great damage if they are not cleaned and functioning properly. Clean cloths, sponges and brushes regularly whilst washing your car as dirt will damage your paint.

  10. Wax evenly Applying excessive amounts of wax does not improve protection. Car cleaning enthusiasts and professionals agree that after a second coat there is little to no benefit in applying more wax To distribute wax evenly, apply the wax to your waxing medium rather then directly to the car. This also prevents you from accidentally putting too much wax straight into your car.

  11. Wax vs Polish Both wax and polish are often mistaken for each other. Unlike wax. Polish does not offer any protection for your paint. Polish gives your paint a great shine by scrubbing and removing a thin layer of uneven paint and then filling in scratches to provide a smoother and better looking paint. Wax provides a thin layer of protection to your paint and whilst it can give a more glossy finish by filling in scratches smoothing the paint it is only temporary Used together they can provide a brilliant shine and protect your reflective paint

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