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How To Clean Your Computer

By: K’ yanna Willis. How To Clean Your Computer. Introduction.

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How To Clean Your Computer

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  1. By: K’ yanna Willis How To Clean Your Computer

  2. Introduction • Dust inside of your computer can cause slow performance, component failure and fan failure. You can keep your computer running smoothly by taking time to clean the interior. By waiting to do this, your machine may overheat and your fan will die.

  3. Dirty computer fans

  4. Cleaning Tools • Cleaning tools that you should use for cleaning your computer are a small vacuum, compressed air, and a screwdriver just in case your computer has to be unscrewed in order to get it open. • You could also use a soft brush (such as a small paint brush) and an anti-static soft rag.

  5. Tips & Precautions for Cleaning • If you’re allergic to dust, wear a dust mask if you have breathing and lung conditions. • Cleaning the computer outside because it can help save a lot of clean up. • Do not use a feather duster, any Swiffer-type product or vacuum inside of your computer. • Do not touch any of the components inside of your computer while cleaning. It isn’t necessary.

  6. Steps for Cleaning • Retrieve all of your tools. • Shut down your computer and disconnect all peripherals from the computer. • Do not leave any cables connected while cleaning especially power and monitor cables. • Work in a suitable area that’s uncarpeted because it could cause a static discharge. • Remove the computer and be prepared to clean. • Begin dusting. Use the compressed air to blow out the inside of the machine. • Always hold the compressed air can upright because if it’s inverted, it will come out as a liquid and could also damage the internal components in the computer. • Make sure that the heat sink is clean. It sits over the processor and has ridges that stick away from the Motherboard. • After you’re done, look around for any dust that you may have missed. Once you’ve discovered that you gotten all the dust, replace the sides.

  7. Visualizations of Cleaning

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