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How to Clean Your Hookah

How to clean your hookah. Find here some simple hookah cleaning tips to clean your hookah and have a great experience smoking it. Proper way to clean your hookah.

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How to Clean Your Hookah

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  1. How to Clean your Hookah If you are a hookah consumer, you will definitely want to consume the best quality and flavour. However, mostly one often gets the same peculiar taste of the earlier flavours used in the hookah bowl after using the same hookah for a while. To make the hookah taste better, it is imperative that you clean it every once in a while so that it can taste good. This will make it taste good as and when you add different flavours. Learning about cleaning your hookah and then cleaning it will surely make your hookah experience better. Follow these simple hookah cleaning tips to clean your hookah and have a great experience smoking it! 1.Disconnect the hose from the hookah base The hose through which you inhale the smoke is connected to the hookah, which needs to be removed and cleaned from within. Detach it and clean it to remove the particles stuck inside. If the hose seems wedged inflexibly,

  2. continue twisting rather than tugging insistently, taking care not to break any parts of the hookah. 2.Blow through the hose Do this each time before lighting up your hookah. While it takes only a few seconds, this only requires putting your mouth on the spout which you inhale from, and blowing through it forcefully. This will oust any lingering stale smoke that might affect the taste you experience. 3.Rinse the hose One needs to rinse the hose as and when possible as after every few uses, the taste is likely to change. If your hose is made of rubber or plastic and is washable, rinse it with water after every few uses. Never use soap or any other chemical products when rinsing your hose —all you need to do is run regular tap water through it. Place one end of the hookah under the water and run the faucet in the

  3. sink. Position the other end of the hose to make sure the water that’s pushed through the hose drains back into the sink. Now rinse the hose with water for some time and then turn it off. Let the hose dry off completely before using it again. 4.Wash and scrub the ashtray Your ashtray will be in a perpetual mess if you haven’t been maintaining your hookah regularly, hence cleaning it would be as difficult too. If you only had loose ash, simply rinse the tray in warm water and rub over the surface with your fingers. If there are strong, caked spots of ash on your tray, using hot water to rinse the tray will help. Scrubbing it with steel wool to dislodge the ash is the best way to remove the ash. Once you have scrubbed it, let it dry on a clean towel.

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