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The Signmaker’s Assistant Vocabulary and Amazing Words

The Signmaker’s Assistant Vocabulary and Amazing Words. Second Grade Reading. idea important blame signmaker townspeople. afternoon assistant wisdom feverishly. Vocabulary. idea. A thought or an opinion. important. To be taken seriously. blame.

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The Signmaker’s Assistant Vocabulary and Amazing Words

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  1. The Signmaker’s AssistantVocabulary and Amazing Words Second Grade Reading

  2. idea important blame signmaker townspeople afternoon assistant wisdom feverishly Vocabulary

  3. idea • A thought or an opinion.

  4. important • To be taken seriously.

  5. blame • To say that something is someone’s fault.

  6. signmaker • Someone who makes signs or public notices that give information.

  7. townspeople • People who live in a town.

  8. afternoon • The time of day between noon and night.

  9. assistant • Someone who helps someone else do a job.

  10. wisdom • Knowledge based on experience.

  11. feverishly • Done with great excitement or activity.

  12. apologize citizen judgment hoard scold interrupt protest troublemaker Amazing Words

  13. apologize • When you say you are sorry for doing or saying something that has upset someone.

  14. citizen • If you were born in a country you are legally accepted by a country.

  15. judgment • When people make decisions about what is sensible.

  16. hoard • To collect something and store it away.

  17. scold • To tell someone off or discipline them.

  18. interrupt • To stop someone who is talking or you stop something that is happening.

  19. protest • To tell or show you disagree about something you think is not right.

  20. troublemaker • Someone who intentionally causes difficulties or problems.

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