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Students Helping Students

Students Helping Students. Mentor Advocacy Project Heidi Cline Lauren Theis Christie Hudson. “Expanding horizons through the power of one-to-one friendships.” - Big Brother Big Sister Organization. Mentoring Program.

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Students Helping Students

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  1. Students Helping Students Mentor Advocacy Project Heidi ClineLauren TheisChristie Hudson

  2. “Expanding horizons through the power of one-to-one friendships.” - Big Brother Big Sister Organization

  3. Mentoring Program Our purpose is to create a program in which high school students, and elementary school students can become a part of each others lives. Through our system students will develop positive relationships, life skills and create a buddy system that will create unique friendships and positive bonding experiences.

  4. We have chosen this because…..By creating a buddy system of relationships between these students it can lead to:* Higher educational achievement * Positive social behavior* Positive relationship skills* Pursuing Interests as a team

  5. This is important because….* The school years provide the greatest effects on self esteem.*It lets students know others care about them.*Allows children to have a positive connection with school.*Gives students someone to count on.*Provides students with real life experiences.

  6. How Being a Mentor Relates To Early Childhood Education • Being a mentor makes a big difference in the life of a child – children who have a mentor show improved social skills and increased confidence. • Mentoring programs also effect the mentor – gives them satisfaction from helping another person.1 • Children with mentors have better grades and scholastic efficacy. • Children with mentors miss less school. • Children with mentors are more likely to go to graduate high school and attend college.2

  7. Mentor Program Goals Students helping students by effective collaborations. Higher self esteem in High School and Elementary students. Creating a safe environment for students to learn. Developing positive relationships

  8. Research shows: • A study done by University of Michigan, Loyola University, and Chicago Public schools came to the conclusion that Peer Mentor Programs and Peer Motivation results in students growing academically and socially. Also …. • 82% increased their percentile rank in mathematics. • 62% increased their percentile rank in reading comprehension. • 74% increased taking responsibility for their future (increase in internal locus of control). • 68% are more likely to consider consequences before acting. • 68% increase involvement in school activities.

  9. Carrying out the Process: Collaborations must be done first with School Counselors. Then along with a teaching staff member(s), and also with elected students to serve as club official's (like President, Vice President..). Counselor will have final say on students envolved in mentoring process, with the help of teachers and staff. Mentors must meet certain requirements, Mentees must be elected by elementary school teacher. Mentors will visit elementary once a month, and write to their mentee(s) once a week.

  10. RESOURCES * Stats- www.lifedirections.org* Big Brother Big Sister- www.bbbsa.org * “ Mentoring School age Children” www.ncjrs.gov* “High School Students as Mentors” by Carla Herrera, Tina J. Kauh, Siobhan M. Cooney, Jean Baldwin Grossman, and Jennifer McMaken * Mentor Grants- www.ed.gov/Programs/dvpmentoring/ *Be-A-Friend Program. (n.d.). Retrieved 1 19, 2010, from Be-A-Friend: http://www.beafriend.org *Dennis, G. (1993). Mentoring. Education Research Consumer Guide . *Herrera, C. (2008). High School Students as Mentors. Public/Private Ventures

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