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Pine Cove

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Pine Cove

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  1. Pine Cove

  2. When are we Going? We will go to Pine Cove on Wednesday, November 9th and return on Friday, November 11th. Busses will pick us up at Pink Elementary on Wednesday morning and drop us back off on Friday afternoon before 3:00. We will meet behind the school Tuesday evening to load luggage on the busses. We will let you know the exact time.

  3. Clothing… • Students should wear their class field trip shirts the day we leave. • When we get to Pine Cove, students will receive a custom “Pink Elementary” Pine Cove t-shirt to wear on the second day. • Students should bring blue jeans and shorts since the weather is unpredictable. (rain boots have also come in handy in the past ) • More information is on the fifth grade website.

  4. Where is Pine Cove? Pine Cove is in Tyler, Texas which is about 120 miles from Frisco. The bus ride to Pine Cove is about 2 ½ hours.

  5. Forms?? There is a Pine Cove tab on the fifth grade website: We will accept packets once they have been COMPLETED (note that the insurance page must be notarized). The cost for students will be $160.00 Make checks out to Pink Elementary

  6. What About Medication? We will now hear from our school’s nurse… Prescribed medication will be with Nurse Johnson. Chaperones may not give any medication to students. New FISD policy

  7. Can I be a Chaperone? Sign-up sheets (one for moms, one for dads) Male chaperones will stay in the cabin with male students and female chaperones will stay in the cabin with female students. Volunteers MUST fill out the background check on the FISD website: If we have more volunteers than needed, we will have a drawing to decide who will join us. The cost for chaperones will be $75.00 Make checks out to Pink Elementary

  8. Who Will be in my Child’s Cabin? Students will write down 3 friends that they would like in their cabin. We will guarantee they get at least 1 of their friends. In many cases, they end up with all three. Each cabin holds 8 students and 2 chaperones.

  9. What Goes on at Pine Cove? Students will learn a curriculum written by Pine Cove Staff, also adapted from Project Learning Tree, Project Wild, and Aquatic Wild. Students will have fun during activities such as zip line, canoeing, and horseback riding!

  10. What About Food? Pine Cove will serve us three cooked meals a day. Meals are served family style and can be adapted to special diets or allergies. Students may NOT bring snacks with them.

  11. We are going to have a GREAT time at Pine Cove! We look forward to getting to know your children even better and sharing this wonderful experience with them! Any other questions???