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Vector Technologies Ltd. Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS ™ for Over 30 years

Vector Technologies Ltd. Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS ™ for Over 30 years. Closed-Loop Catalyst Vacuums. Vector Technologies Ltd. Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA www.vector-vacuums.com. Vacuum Systems. Vector Technologies Ltd. Vacuums  Parts  Service  Solutions.

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Vector Technologies Ltd. Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS ™ for Over 30 years

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  1. Vector Technologies Ltd.Performance PROVEN VACUUM SOLUTIONS ™ for Over 30 years Closed-Loop Catalyst Vacuums Vector Technologies Ltd. Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA www.vector-vacuums.com

  2. Vacuum Systems Vector Technologies Ltd. Vacuums  Parts  Service  Solutions In addition to Closed-loop Catalyst vacuums Vector Technologies additionally offers: • Trailer-mounted Industrial Vacuums • Dust Collectors/ Baghouses • Portable in Plant Vacuums • Cyclonic Baghouses/ Intermediate Separators • Central Vacuum Systems • Vacuum Excavators for Horizontal Directional Drilling • Combination Vacuum and Jetter Systems • Abrasive Blasting/ Classifying Equipment • Asbestos and Hazardous Waste Removal Equipment • Tubing, Fittings, Hose and Accessories

  3. Closed Loop Catalyst Vacuums VecLoader® • Closed loop safety and efficiency • 1,400 to 6,200 CFM and 15” or 28” Hg vacuum • 80 to 350 horsepower • Conveyance 500 to 1,000 feet • Dependable, safe, easy to set-up, operate and maintain • Performance proven in desert heat and other adverse conditions • New efficient closed-loop design obsoletes all prior existing industry technology.

  4. Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™ Why a VecLoader Catalyst Vacuum Versus a Vacuum Truck? • Substantially lower purchase price than a vacuum truck • Operate on the job full time without the vacuum leaving the site • Reduced costs for daily and annual maintenance compared to a vacuum truck • Completely self-contained for bulk loading without additional equipment • Load into drums, flow bin totes, bags or large containers without multiple handling steps • Vacuum reactive or inert catalysts without changeover • Power equal to the largest vacuum trucks • Eliminate the need for a separate bagging station • Reduced fuel consumption versus a vacuum truck • Minimum setup • Combining unequaled power and reliability

  5. Engineered for Safe, Efficient, Cost Effective Catalyst Change-outs Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™ With “standard” vacuum systems, nitrogen is discharged through the exhaust of the vacuum during recovery of pyrophoric catalyst. Vector closed-loop technology retains the nitrogen and returns it to the reactor via a customer supplied heat exchanger which greatly improves environmental safety while reducing nitrogen consumption. Or, dependent upon product and emission restrictions, the vacuum can operate in a open-loop mode with exhaust being discharged to atmosphere.

  6. Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™ Discharge Valves Matched to Specific Customer Needs Chose from a variety of bulk loading and continuous baghouse unloading options. All valves are flanged for ease of changeover, transport and maintenance.

  7. Trailered Cyclones To Match To Customer Vac Trucks For customers with existing vacuum trucks or other available vacuum sources, Vector builds line of trailered and skid-mounted cyclones and cyclonic baghouses, providing the ability to vacuum and directly load bags or totes while eliminating the need to multiple-handle the collected product.

  8. Vacuum Reactive or Inert Catalysts without Changeover and Minimal Maintenance Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™

  9. Trailered, Skid Mounted, Stationary, or Sea Container Designs Varied configurations in equal power can be matched to customer requirements.

  10. Vector Technologies Ltd. VECLOADER VACUUM USES IN PETROCHEMICAL FACILITIES INCLUDE: • Catalyst change-outs • Recover spent abrasive from tank blasting activities • Railcar and production spills: chemical, liquid, solids • Tank cleaning, manual and robotic • Remove and replace tank retention rock and ballast • Pit and sump cleanouts • Storm water and sewer • Trench and pond cleaning • Housekeeping for storage and transfer areas • Power Plant cleaning including fly ash • Varied plant maintenance • Contaminated sand recovery

  11. Experience Makes the Difference Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™ • Our Engineers have over 100 years of combined experience. • Our Manufacturing Team has over 130 years of combined Vector experience. • Our Sales and Support groups have over 100 years combined experience. • Vector Technologies has more than 30 years experience building vacuums with 6000+ units sold. Vector Vacuums have been sold and supported to Contractors throughout the world. Vector designs and manufactures each VecLoader vacuum in our 42,000 square foot manufacturing and corporate office facility in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA.

  12. Support Makes the Difference Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™ • Start-up training worldwide • Detailed Product Manuals • Operations and Maintenance • Parts and Accessories • Fully Staffed Factory Support • Hotline 24/7 including weekends • Highly Experienced Service Dept • Factory Authorized Local Support • Complete Warranty

  13. Petrochemical Customers and End Users

  14. Performance Proven Vacuum Solutions™ Contact Vector Technologies Ltd. or your local representative today!Vector Technologies Ltd.Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA1.414.247.7100 / US Toll Free 1.800.832.4010sales@vector-vacuums.comwww.vector-vacuums.com

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