those first school days centennial school june n.
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THOSE FIRST SCHOOL DAYS Centennial School June 2019 Family Orientation PowerPoint Presentation
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THOSE FIRST SCHOOL DAYS Centennial School June 2019 Family Orientation

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THOSE FIRST SCHOOL DAYS Centennial School June 2019 Family Orientation

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THOSE FIRST SCHOOL DAYS Centennial School June 2019 Family Orientation

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  1. THOSE FIRST SCHOOL DAYS Centennial School June 2019 Family Orientation

  2. Kindergarten Teachers 2018-2019 Mrs. Janes Ms. Marr Mrs. Ross Mrs. Kidd

  3. Vision: Centennial will be a proud and united community that motivates our students to be caring citizens and life-long learners. Mission: We learn. We care. We make a difference. We are a community!

  4. BEFORE SCHOOL BEGINS • PROVIDE PROOF and DATA • If you have not already done so, please provide the school secretary with: •  Proof of your child’s age • Proof of immunization Please ensure that we have your correct telephone numbers and email addresses for our student database, so that we may contact you though our School Messenger System. • .

  5. ESTABLISH HOME ROUTINES • Bedtimes – children at the kindergarten level need 10 to 12 hours of sleep, and studies indicate that learning does not take place when children are fatigued. • Morning – children of all ages need to come to school without the added stress of a hurried morning. • Read Everyday- looking through books and talking about pictures is a great first step. Developing an interest in books, letters and reading will be so beneficial for your Pre-K student.

  6. DEVELOPING INDEPENDENT SELF CARE SKILLS • Getting dressed independently. • Carrying his/her own backpack and lunch bag. • Reciting his/her first and last name, parents’ names, siblings’ names, address and telephone number. • Using the bathrooms properly and with respect (including urinals (remember: self-wiping is essential).

  7. Back To School Open House Thursday, August 29th Classroom Visits: 5:00-5:45pm Corn Boil from 5:45-6:15pm Benefits to “Back to School” event being held prior to the opening of school include:  Bringing in your child’s school supplies including indoor shoes Allows the children an opportunity to meet their teacher for the first time with a family member by their side.  Provides an opportunity for families and children to see the classroom.  Student information forms will be distributed with the expectation that they will be returned the first day of school.

  8. STAGGERED ENTRY FALL 2019 Tuesday, September 3rd Wednesday, September 4th Before sending your child to school for his/her day of entry, spend some time talking about the adventures in learning and the excitement of this new part of his/her life. The teachers will do everything possible to make this time special for your child. Parents are welcome to bring their child into the gym on the first morning to meet their teacher. On the first full day of school (Thursday September 5th ) teachers will meet students on the playground.

  9. STAGGERED ENTRY FALL 2019 If you worry that your child will have difficulty separating from you (crying or holding on), reassure your child that you will be waiting for him/her to finish his/her work and are looking forward to sharing those first activities when you pick him/her up at the bus stop or at the babysitter’s at the end of your day. After many years and numerous first-time experiences, we have found that when parents linger and “try to make him/her feel better”, the separation anxiety is only prolonged. Remember that there are only a few children with the teacher on each day, that your child is in good hands, and that this is a perfect way to learn new routines safely! You will receive a letter at the end of June indicating what day your child will attend for staggered entry.

  10. WHAT TO BRING ON THE FIRST DAY • Backpack • Lunch and snacks • School supplies (if you did not come on Thursday evening) • We recommend that toys and other valuable items remain at home.

  11. “JUST IN CASE CLOTHES” • Please send, in a plastic bag with your child’s name on it, “just-in-case” clothes, including underwear, socks, shirt, and pants.

  12. THE REGULAR SCHOOL ROUTINE • 8:10-8:25 Buses arrive and children go to the playground • 8:25 Children enter school • 8:30 O’Canada and announcements • 8:30 Learning Block #1 • 10:30 Morning Snack • 10:45 Outside Recess • 11:00 Learning Block #2 • 12:30 Lunch • 12:50 Outside Recess • 1:10 Learning Block #3 • 1:40 Dismissal • *The kindergarten curriculum is available to all parents on the Department of Education website. (Just follow the links from

  13. END OF DAY ROUTINE • If you plan to pick up your child at the end of the day, we ask you to wait at the back doors near the drop off zone. This reduces disruptions to the end of day routines and eliminates the need for you to sign in. All teachers walk their students out at the end of the day. • If someone else is picking up your child please send a note to the school. • If your child is traveling on the bus someone will need to be at the stop on time to receive the child. Students in K-2 are not permitted to get off at their stop unless an adult is there waiting for them.

  14. OTHER GENERAL INFORMATION • Dress for the Weather • Children at Centennial enjoy daily outdoor activities, even when the weather is not perfect. • Hot Lunch & Milk Program • We will send home information in the Fall about this program that we offer on Mondays and Fridays. • Lunch Club Program • This program is offered in conjunction with our PALS at Portland Church and Xerox. It will begin in mid September and information will be sent home. • Absences or Late Arrival • When you know in advance that your child will be late or absent please inform the classroom teacher in advance or phone the school and leave a message with our secretary.

  15. During instructional hours, all doors other than the main front doors remain locked. Please enter through the front doors and remember to sign in. • If you are picking your child up early from school, proceed to the office and we will have your child meet you in the lobby. Please sign him/her out.

  16. Centennial Breakfast Program Our Breakfast program is located in our community kitchen on the 3rd level of the school from 8:10-8:25. Students enter the breakfast room from the side door of the school. All students are welcome to come, it's a great way to start the day! Children enjoy a nutritious breakfast that may include:Cereal, Toast, Quesadillas, Pancakes, Eggs, Apples, Yogurt, and Juice.

  17. Centennial is a PBIS School PBIS stands for- Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports Centennial became a PBIS school this past school year. Our objective is to focus on training and rewarding expected behaviours, so all students can have a positive school experience.

  18. Centennial is a Community School As a result of being a community school our students have many opportunities to reach their full potential. A few of our programs include: • Back pack program • Soap Box Derby • Camp opportunities • Kids on the Go Bus for various trips • Breakfast and Lunch programs • After school programs

  19. When Children Succeed Project 2019-2020 will be year 2 of a three year pilot project Additional staff have been provided at the K-2 level to reduce the student to teacher ratio from 1-21 to 1-12 We hope you will be engaged in many opportunities throughout the year- your role as a family member is invaluable!

  20. Attendance Matters Every day at school is filled with opportunities for students to grow and learn. Students in Kindergarten are learning the foundation of their academic skills as well as their social skills with peers. It is critical that students attend school regularly and on time.

  21. Bee Me Kidz is a FREE exciting program that inspires individuals to be the best me that they can bee! This is achieved through teaching children about emotions, self-regulation, problem solving and friendship in a fun way. Centennial Elementary School is a Bee Me Kidz Zone. A Bee Me Kidz Zone is a safe place where children are encouraged to gain confidence through educational activities and be the best version of them that they can bee. Bee Me Kidz operates at the Nick Nicolle Community Centre on Saturday’s throughout the school year for children and their families in grades 1 to 5. To learn more, check out our Facebook page or website at

  22. If you have any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. School Phone Number- 658-5334 Email